Loreen - "Forever" + General Discussion

And still pulling 2 million global streams every day. I wonder if this can outperform Euphoria eventually. I think that's on around 225 million on Spotify. Certainly seems likely.

I never thought Loreen would ever have a hit that would be bigger than Euphoria.
This bit killed me

She’s heading straight to the studio after our interview. “I haven’t released that much music over the years,” but she promises that absolutely will change. “Now there’s a shift going on, there’s going to be a lot more releases, which is nice. This year and next year. My medium, she told me that!”

Nn, Loreen sis why not get an answer from Universal Music rather than your medium. Have the music promises this whole time been coming from a psychic?!
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Official: Fourth week in the UK top 10, up 3 spots to #7!
The Mighty Hoopla worked and all those beige sheep who watch the awful BGT finally saw the brilliance that is Loreen’s Tattoo. We have the CD single too which will bump sales even further. A remix or three would go down a great too.

If her new album is even filled with songs half as good as Tattoo we are in for another Loreen ride into another world.

I feel this will be Loreen’s time to truly shine globally and I cannot wait to be a part of it
Loreen in one to two months from now

I have just seen this on Discogs. The BBC has no song rights. Looks fake to me.

You have thought the Acoustic Version would have been included.