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Loreen, General Discussion | LP3

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. Not Ride being one of the best pop albums of the decade though...
  2. Ride really is a masterpiece.
  3. She'll be performing on Guldbaggegalan tonight, which is the biggest film prize in Sweden. So probably another cover or something. Probably during the In Memoriam.
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  4. Oh I got the first part, I'm just clamoring for something other than a bloody cover!
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  5. Chills as soon as the switch up happened in the chorus. Loreen has one of my favorite voices ever and it works so well with the reverb.
  6. I appreciate the concept but this would be *actually* good if she didn't insist on using the same note throughout all the song ddd. Her voice is terrific though.
  7. I can’t even be mad at yet another ‘Euphoria’ performance considering how gorgeous it is.
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  8. A&E


    Euphoria again? And just a couple of years ago we thought she disowned it.

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  9. The fact that she keeps revamping it is a testament of her great musicianship, though, she keeps giving it different perspectives and they all work. Ugh, she deserves to be huge.
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  10. I know a lot of y'all don't follow Melodifestivalen (and... with this year's crop of songs, you really aren't missing much nn stream Crying Rivers by Faith Kakembo tho) but SVT have started a hall of fame for the competition this year and Loreen, or more specifically Euphoria, is one of the inaugural inductees so as a head's up she'll be performing a medley of all three of her Mello entries during Saturday's Andra Chansen round.

    She'll then be hopping straight on a plane to perform at Romania's national final the next night:

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  11. Is #Fictionfeelsgood the new song or something?
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  12. A mix of old songs under this title has gone up on Spotify apparently.

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  13. Her live remixes are always so good.
  14. What a star.
  15. A&E


    (Posting here too for those who don't follow the Eurovision threads)
    Hard to believe but Loreen performed Statements, My Heart Is Refusing Me, Paper Light, We Got the Power and Euphoria (album version!) at Romania's Selecția Națională – and she actually seemed to be enjoying herself!
    (edited with a separate upload)

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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    We don't deserve her.
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  17. 'Statements' is still so fucking good.
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