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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by WowWowWowWow, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. I hate that she always teases people with a certain project or sound but always switch it up right before the release of the actual project. She talked about her new album so much but suddenly it's this bigger than an EP thing. She probably has all this material and songs sitting on a harddrive somewhere, I just don't get it I guess.
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  2. I don't understand how she can afford it. She seems to always be in the studio and working with different people but yet the songs never get released so who's paying for all that studio time?!
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  3. She switches with record labels more like a switch clothes so that can be her way of getting money for all these sessions?
  4. This week's song!

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  5. I’m just having a moment with ‘I’m In It With You’. A literally breathtaking song.
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  6. I´m In It With You came on my Daily Mix and I was floored again. What a song.

  7. This popped up in my recommendations. She really is a moment.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her version of Un-Break My Heart with Little Dragon is historic!!! Whew!
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  9. I love everything she does, but I can’t deny being a little sad that her career right now seems to involve nothing but covers (including... covering her own songs). What kind of Swedish Idol full circle.

    I’m thirsty for album 3!
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  10. Her best song.
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  11. She’s releasing a mini-album this Spring. A first single should come this month. The whole mini-album will be in Swedish.
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  12. That rendition of it must have been love has me in fits of tears.
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  13. But are we believing her? The amount of times she's said an album/EP is coming in Spring/Autumn...

    In a dream world, she'd release a single and do a promo performance on MelFest
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  14. The amount of interviews she's done after Så Mycket Bättre suggest that music is actually coming. She's talked about the new music in Swedish in almost every interview. She said that she'll release the mini-album one song at a time starting in February. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

    Since she performed at last years Melodifestivalen, I'd doubt she'd do it again this year.
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  15. She was finishing her new single over the weekend, looks like she spent a long time in the studio. She also did an interview about new music which is coming this week (the interview is coming this week).

    I think we're close girls!
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  16. Could it be?...
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  17. Theyve pulled their entry and replaced it (rightfully) with Statements?
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  18. I literally won’t believe it until she is in my ears.
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