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Loreen, General Nipple Etiquette Discussion | LP #3

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jul 14, 2016.

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    She looks amazing but... I wouldn't have thought it was Loreen.
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  2. Looks hot!
  3. She looks incredible
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  4. My head is telling me "bite your tongue honey, keep it yourself", but tits out, a 30cm bit of net and 8 inch heels....wow!
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  5. I love that.
  6. Rihanna found rotting.
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  7. I love the bold Grace Jones inspired look, but had I been on the door I would’ve politely asked her if she knew what occasion she was about to attend. I’m not exactly known as a prude, ahem, but I do believe in respecting given dress codes. Before anyone accuses me of misogynia, the same goes for men. Had Jake Shears tried to get in wearing a similar outfit I would’ve turned him away in equal manner (and then sucked him off behind a marble pilar, but that’s beside the point!).
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  8. You’re saying you’re not a prude but you’re acting like one
  9. She looks fabulous and that's that on that.
  10. Following given dress codes has absolutely nothing to do with prudeness, but not doing so has everything to do with rudeness. It’s disrespectful to the hosts. Simple as that. I wouldn’t go to a wedding wearing something I’d wear to an S&M sex party, because it would probably make the hosts and other guests uncomfortable even if I was having (and showing) a ball. Just common courtesy.
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  11. At this point, all I care about is this album she's been teasing for nearly a year
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  12. Rules are meant to be broken and dress codes are meant to be disrespected.
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  13. If I had those legs I'd wear that too! Screaming that the royal family were in attendance too. I LOVE HER
  14. Also, this is SWEDEN. You can do anything there. They literally allow people to say "fuck" on primetime family TV.
  15. What was the dress code anyway? Swedes couldn't possible care less for some tits out.
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  16. The Swedes definitely don’t have any issues with tits, but they do have impeccably good taste and know when is the right time to show them. So yes, showing your tits for the Queen is considered a bit extra even in Sweden, lol.
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  17. Oh, that's why my cousin and his new wife won't speak to me anymore.
  18. Who gives a fuck if the royal family are there?

    If Loreen wants to get her tits out, let her. If the queen doesn't like it, then don't attend events with popstars and stick to garden parties.
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  19. She's asserting her dominance as the real Queen of Sweden.
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  20. The tits aren't the problem for me, I hate that dress though ddd
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