Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion

Since Euphoria, actually. It was her only #1, and Statements only went #13.
Yeah, that's what I mean sorry. Her last highest chart position was Statements, everything else flopped

I'm excited to see her being added to quite a few playlists as well! I hope the streams continue. It's not even been the finale yet! Imagine if she does get to Eurovision oh wow

She's currently at a playlist reach of 9m


I've been playing this non-stop, it's súch a smash. I definitely hear the similarities to Euphoria. I lack the vocabulary to express it but I'm gonna try: the background synth melody is almost identical, the orchestral intro (Euphoria) is now the bridge in Tattoo, but mainly it's that synth build-up that is just so similar.

But I don't mind, at all! It's Euphoria 2.0 on steroids and I'm absolutely in love.
I initially thought the live version lacked a bit of punch and the studio version was where it was at. But now, I need to watch the performance. The visuals add so much, especially that explosion into the final chorus.
I’m obsessed with Tattoo at the moment too, i think its already my most played track of the year so far at over 300 plays already, its so addictive! Her performance at Melodifestivalen honestly still blows me away, so simple yet extremely powerful, for me at least it annihilates the rest of the entries at this years competition. If she does go through to ESC i imagine she will finish pretty high in and around the Top 5.