Loreen - "Is It Love" + General Discussion


London based Little Dumpsters, is the venue easy to get to?? I always hear things about “south of the river” it’s not as good? Will there be transport after the show?
Much of S London is poorly served by the tube, and you have to use national rail or the Overground which are less often. But Brixton is really easy.
Wow, I did not expect a Glasgow date! I've signed up for the presale so we'll see how that one goes!

Daft question, are the tickets sold via Seated or through Ticket Master? (I assume everything is Ticket Master these days!)
If I can fly by November I want to go to Cirkus - the Swedish crowds usually make everything a meditative experience. When I saw Celine it was like we were inspecting paintings in a museum and I was getting my life ddd.
I really hope she performs Sober. I used to have that song on constant repeat, and I have some sentimental memories from when I used to listen to it on holiday circa 10 years ago when I still had my youth... madness.
My friend wants to go and bring her cousins, who only know Euphoria and Tattoo. They can only come if they know all the words to Statements (and Loreen better perform this one)
Unless they know every word to Sötvattentårar they aren’t allowed in

Brixton is in zone 2 a lot of the 'south of the river' discourse is rooted in racism
I had no idea, sorry! And yeah, I should have just used Google Maps


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Some people need to just open Google Maps before they speak.
Dddd slightly harsh (especially given @nathanspears isn’t a Londoner) but yes, the discourse about south London being poorly connected is a lot. (It’s largely driven by the fact that south London uses more National Rail services and isn’t covered by the Underground as much.) Electric is right on the main road and super close to the station, which is served by both National Rail and the Underground.
I'd like to think she'll do some of the original versions of some of the songs from Heal, the ones that are more recognizable to the casuals.

I'd love to hear Sober and Crying Out Your Name. She's got such a strong discography.