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Tattoo finally left the UK top 100 yesterday after a 15-week run (matching the original run of Euphoria, although Euphoria did pop up for one more week in 2013 after her performance in Malmö).


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Does she even have an album deal dd. Remember Chanel.
Surely she does? She seemed to be in the studio non-stop for a couple of months and she ended up getting signed to Island Records in the US and Polydor in the UK so they obviously believe in her. She had really good playlisting as well on Spotify. Her label must be invested.
New interview today... mother is now claiming a new song is being released in October. I wonder if her psychic told her that again or if Universal gave her the thumbs up this time.

EDIT: Ahhhh it might actually be happening, she posted on Insta she has things to tell us tomorrow

EDIT 2: She clowned me again
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