Loreen - "Tattoo" + General Discussion

Made it for Amsterdam, yay!
Was there a presale? Ddd.
I got 2 for London with no issues at all - had been waiting since abut 8.50 with the code inserted, and then got a message to refresh, then a queuing system message, but still got them easily despite the faffing. I'm surprised I managed to get them if everyone else has struggled!
Good idea, I never even thought of entering the code beforehand! I'm such a noob at this
So while I’m still struggling to get Dublin tickets I’m confident they will be released on Friday.

I took the plunge and bought tickets to see her in SWEDEN. It’s been a dream of mine to always go and between travel, accommodation and the concert, the prices were very doable. I am so excited to experience Loreen in her homeland!

Anyone else going to Sweden?
It took me a few tries this morning but i finally got some for London, i went into panic mode when i woke up late at 9:30 and it kept showing up as unavailable thinking i had missed out, but after a few refresh’s $ucce$$!

I actually cannot believe i’m actually getting to see her here in the UK, never in my wildest dreams did i think this would ever happen this time 6 months ago, yet here we are!

My Ideal Setlist would be…

Paper Light (Higher)
Neon Lights
Crying Out Your Name
Requiem Solution

71 Charger
Jupiter Drive
Do We Even Matter?

Im In It With You
Hate The Way I Love You
Fiction Feels Good

My Heart Is Refusing Me

(i know its highly unlikely we will get many of these, but ill take everything she gives us and deal with it)

What is everyone else hoping to see her perform?
Finally got around to paying attention to those Mika Newton plagiarism accusations... yes the melodies are damn near identical. But that kind of ascending chord progression can't be THAT unique.
I didn't get any tickets either but I'm not surprised given the size of the venue. Hopefully they upgrade to SWG3 or Barrowlands.
McFly are already playing the Barrowlands the same night. I know because I have a ticket and I’m now kicking myself because I’ll miss Loreen even though I saw her at Semi-Final 1 a few weeks ago and will see her at Hoopla next weekend.