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Lost in Space (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by spillett, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. It's out now. I'm yet to watch but quietly excited.

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  2. It looks like it's maybe for kids/family - if anyone watches can they report back?
  3. I really enjoyed the first episode. The Dad isn't particularly likeable at the minute but everyone else was really well cast. Nice to see Parker Posey show up.
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  4. I hate kids but that robot and some of the landscaped and effects look just so good.. Is it worth it for that?
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  5. I’m 4 episodes into this and I’m hoping the dad has a shirtless scene at some point that I can thirst over. Also enjoying the story far.
  6. The kids are pretty likeable.
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  7. Are they? I think they're pretty insufferable.
  8. It's like everynight i try to watch a full episode but I get distracted (which I'm not when i really like a tv show) and can't finish it, so I am half through the episode 3.
    It's not too bad, but not great either.
    However I didn't watch the original and remembered seeing the movie the day of it's release (Matt Leblanc) which was quite bad.
  9. Really? I think they are fine.

    Parker Posey is the star obviously.
  10. This is pretty much the husband’s assessment of the show

    It’s alright, enjoyable fluff. Doctor Smith’s action man eyes and open mouth expression are starting to grate on me
  11. I've seen the pilot of half of episode 2 thus far and I rolled my eyes so hard when Judy told Penny how to carry out an intricate medical procedure. The pilot also seemed to drag on for about six hours but I'm willing to stick with the show for the time being.
  12. This is okay, not what I was expecting but Netflix have put out worse shows.
  13. I watched the first episode last night. I felt it was so confusing and hard to follow with 3 different story lines within one episode so hope it gets better as episodes go on.

    And yeah I agree. The kids are so annoying at times.
  14. This is really good. Only on episode three though.
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  15. Just finished episode four and still enjoying it. Is it amazing? - No but very watchable and you don't have to think much about the plot.
  16. It was decent and cute. I followed along with this site's episodic reviews and they pretty much hit it nail on head for me. Looking forward to season two but truly hope they revamp their storytelling devices because they become a bit stale and pretty predictable when utilized in a loop like they were in S1.
  17. Episode 1 was on in the background while packing and kept me interested, but I absolutely loved episode 2. I watch very little modern television so I'm dazzled by the production value and enjoying the mysterious robot and the horror of chicken-deserting Doctor Smith.
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    The dad is so hot.

    I just found out he's Maggie Smith's son and now I keep seeing her face and my boner is dead.
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  19. [​IMG]


    R.I.P. to your boner.
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    Danger Danger
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