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LOST - Season 5 (Sky One timescale)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by type:epyt, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Seeing as it starts in a few days time i thought i'd start a new thread ... but please, no posting spoilers if you watch it from the US first as it mucked things up last time ...

    Since November I have been watching seasons 1-4 again just to remind myself of all the little things that i had forgottten (and to watch season 4 not on my laptop from itunes ... but no more of that this year .. yay) ...

    I only wish they were making 23 episodes per season again tho as the pace of season 4 was far too abrupt ... esp. when you watch them all back to back ...
  2. I've been watching seasons 3 and 4 again. Last night I watched the 3 part season 4 finale. It really is like a self contained movie.

    I've been trying to download the first 2 episodes of season 5 since first thing this morning. Only 30 hours to go! YAY! *kills self*
  3. I loved pace of season 4! Almost no filler and finally some real story progression = win.
  4. although things like the heart-rate trigger for the bomb seem to come and go as though hardly worth mentioning yet on first watching it it was THE big thing that stuck in my mind ...

    (although i did notice that Jack references tennis when it is an article about baseball in the paper he is holding, which i found quite funny)
  5. Defiinitely agree with that. Season 3 was such a mess. When I started watching the last two seasons again, I skipped the God awful mini-season (first 6 episodes) and also skipped 'Stranger in a strange land' (worst episode ever). Towards the end though, the season was amazing... but Season 4 topped everything.
  6. spooky ... we skipped that one too ...
  7. The big moment for me was Ben moving the island. That whole sequence was jawdropping, and is up there with the map in the hatch reveal as one of my favourite Lost moments ever.

    A friend of mine came up with an interesting theory actually about a play on words in the season finale.

    And I have my own amazing theory about Jacob.

    Don't know whether to post though as people may castrate me if I am right.
  8. either way there is a win somewhere ... go on post it ...
  9. Ok, well both theories are linked (Yes, I am a geek).

    My theory is that the whole Jacob thing is to do with the messed up timelines. When dead Locke returns to the Island, he will come back to life and become Jacob (like the resurrected Christian is his number two). This would explain why the quick shot of Jacob in season 3 was the spitting image of Locke.

    Then my friend's theory is about the words Claire said to Kate in the flashforward dream. "Don't bring him back. Don't you dare bring him back". What if she's referring to Locke and not Aaron?

  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Series 5 already?
    I used to be so into this show, but not enough to pay to watch it.

    Once the box sets are under £20 I might make it part of my daily routine.
    Now that things are coming to a head it looks really good again.
  11. Torrents, baby!

  12. it's the guy that never ages that i'm interested in ...
  13. Richard Alpert. He is blatantly the four toed statue personified.
  14. you know far too many names ... esp. the surnames ...
  15. I have a Lost poster in my room as well.

  16. how do you know it is still there? (this could go on a bit)
  17. I feel like that should make sense, but you are forgetting I am very very stupid, so I don't actually get that at all. *hides*
  18. You can stream the first two episodes (along with thousands of other programmes) on surfthechannel.com

    I've just watched the first episode of season 5 and I'm about to watch the second. It's all very exciting but it's been a bit predictable so far. I kept guessing everything that was going to happen moments before it did, which is not what I'm used to from Lost. With Lost it normally goes:

    Woman: Blah blah
    Man: No, blah blah blah.
    Woman: Exactly. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  19. if you have a LOST poster you woudl not be able to see it ... otherwise it would then become a FOUND poster (if indeed it was a lost poster in the first place) ...

    the annadin is in the post ,,,
  20. Oh, I thought it was gonna be something more Lost related such as "The island has moved" I laugh out loud at this because it is so hilarious... or not.

    I read too much into things.
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