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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. In a cast of strong female characters and great actresses, yes she more than held her own. Apologies for finding her attractive!
  2. There was enormous possibilities with Shannon’s character and they only scratched the surface with her, which is a shame really.

    One of my biggest gripes with Lost is that it was too much of a sausage fest and I found that many of the Male characters’ story’s were too similar. It would have been good to have had more females and an even pegging because it was usually about 1 female for every 3 or 4 males.

    Also I agree Juliette was one of the most well rounded characters, at least she was given 3 full seasons of great development.
  3. I'm still struggling to figure out what Sawyer's role in it all was. In S6 all he seemed to do was get everyone killed.
  4. Juliet’s Snape-esque journey was outstanding. When she was on that walkie telling Ben all the secrets !

    I rewatched Lost recently with my housemates who had never seen it, and of course we screamed constantly but one moment which stands out in which they literally erupted was during flash forward gate of season 4....Kate has a baby....she puts it to bed....and calls it Aaron. The reactions were explosive !

    Such an amazing twist though. The rug was really pulled from beneath us in that moment. Did anyone see that coming?
  5. Season 3 opening sequence is still everything to me.
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  6. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Juliet was a brilliant character portrayed excellently.
  7. Juliets character was so complex and she had one of the best arcs on the show and her death really had an emotional punch.
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  8. BTG


    Juliet had one of my favourite character arcs and the fact that she was able to sell the hell out of that relationship with Sawyer in literally about 7 episodes was a massive feat.

    I could literally rant for days about season 6 but one of my biggest disappointments was the mishandling of Ilana. She was originally meant to be Jacob's daughter which would've been an amazing backstory. But they then decided to spend more time with the original cast during the final run and that arc, and her character, paid the price. It always annoyed me that they never revealed exactly what their plans for her were other than a vague reference to a "hard and tragic" life.

    If they had went ahead with her being Jacob's daughter it could've created some great moral ambiguity about the fact that he was letting her suffer in some hospital until he had use for her and then healed her.
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    Also Ilana not killing Ben was probably one of the best on-island scenes in the last season and felt like classic LOST.
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  10. Ah, that partly explains why her character never seemed to make sense, and her death was so baffling, unless you take the explanation offered by Ben (or Richard?) that as soon as her purpose on the Island was fulfilled, it killed her. But then the plane did take off and leave, so where that leaves us is anyone's guess. S6 was such a mess....hours of going nowhere, or in circles, and then a big rush to finish.
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  11. I didn't mind Ilana, but her character went nowhere and giving her the Leslie Arzt treatment showed the creators just wanted her out of the way, in the end. A bit dark, but her death was one of the more comedic scenes in Lost.
  12. It was fun seeing her as a family solicitor in the Flash sideways world. Was it me, or did bad things often happen when a character said "this GODFORSAKEN island!", even Flocke had something happen to him when he ranted towards the end of S6.
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  13. The island wasn't having it.
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  14. All the this Lost chat is really making want a re-watch!
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  15. I'm going to start re-watching Lost soon after reading all of this. Can't say I ever cared for Ilana though? Would love someone to do a character rate!
  16. It's just something I picked up on but didn't think too much about it until I realised (via Lostpedia) just how much of the show is taken from Biblical mythology and references.
  17. I got kind of Lara Croft vibes from her....it's like the writers had been overdosing on Tomb Raider when coming up with ideas for S6...what with the Temple and all the Magic Cave of Light guff.
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  18. Yes @ the Shannon love. Her death made me stop watching Lost altogether. Never before had I been more bothered by a character leaving a show.
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  19. When I watched Lost I watched the seasons in reverse order from 6 to 1. I enjoyed it that way.
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