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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. If there ever was a season 7, they could've done flash-reverses, so all the female characters we love but died come back to life. Season 8 would be the musical season with the others doing flash mobs.
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  2. The score too was one of the things that made Lost so powerful, I think. I’m happy Michael Giacchino went on to win an Oscar.

    This is one of my favourite compositions of all time:

    Other special moments:

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  3. I tried a rewatch by watching Chronologically Lost. It’s not as fun seeing it all in sequential order.
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  4. I am watching it again.

    My third time.
  5. I liked the LOST scores right up until the final season. That was another thing I disliked about S6....it was more overblown, saccharine and akin to old-school Hollywood. They trowelled it on too thickly for my tastes, whereas in the first 5 seasons it wasn't so intrusive.
  6. Maybe we should do an episode rate as well?
  7. I'd love to watch the show sans flashbacks one day, so purely the island stuff. The flashbacks dragged it down for me the further along we went. I thought/hoped once every character had one just showing their life immediately before boarding the flight, that'd be it and we'd kind of 'get on with it' but then they just kept shoehorning them in...
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  8. Isn't 'The Constant' widely regarded as the best episode?

    I'm a total sucker for any Locke episode, especially that episode with him hammering on the hatch begging for a sign.
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  9. I still think the two part pilot is the best episode and the most groundbreaking TV pilot ever.
  10. Yes! I would offer to do this or character one but I'm crap at rates as I don't have time to keep up with it and am shit at computers.
  11. How many episodes were there in all? The early seasons had 20+ each, didn't they, then it got fewer towards the end. Must be tons...the DVD boxset has something like 37 discs!
  12. 121.

    I have the said box set.
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  13. I really never got the hype over anything Desmond related. And that video above has the phone call as the number one moment ! Out of all the groundbreaking heart-stopping moments on Lost, of which there are too many to list, that is supposedly the best moment?? Not on my island !!

    I genuinely never got it. Was Desmond even well liked? He was so boring.
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  14. Oh my god, don't. I was so invested in Desmond and Penny.

    The Constant is like a god damn Hollywood film, it's just so well written.
  15. Desmond?

    The most beautiful man I've seen.

    (I wish I could have this look).
  16. And this:
    He's like David Tennant with actual charisma and a nicer voice.
  17. Desmond is one of my Top 5 characters along with Jack, Locke, Sawyer and Kate. Actually it's so hard to single out five characters - the show was just filled to the brim with such an amazing cast of characters and actors.
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  18. Top 5 characters? Probably.......Desmond, Juliet, Miles, Sayid and...with a late run, Sawyer. Richard Alpert and Ben Linus close behind.

    Kate was stunning but her character seemed to go nowhere after a few episodes into S5.....
  19. This video always gives me the creeps:

    I absolutely LOVED the time-travel aspect and I think it was really well incorporated into the show’s mythology. Seeing Eko’s brother’s plane crash, Rousseau’s team arrive on the island...ahh! Definitely giving it a rewatch very soon.
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  20. I have the DVDs and blu rays. I hate bought the final season and blu ray's. haha.

    Same, couldn't give a shit about him. I was more interested in the original cast members. The more they added new cast members, the less I cared about them.
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