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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Dazzle, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Same here, S5 was an absolute blast; getting the Oceanic Six back on the plane dragged on a tiny bit, but was still compelling stuff. But the real meat of the season, on the island in all those different, overlapping and intertwining timelines, was incredible.
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  2. We had a half-season in Spanish (titled Perdidos) due to some labelling error. Sayid's middle Eastern accent via Spanish was something and Vincent was only ever referred to as Perro (which just means dog).
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  3. Poor Vincent. He never got to leave the Island.
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  4. It's difficult to have a definitive favourite character. Locke was interesting, but his 'death' didn't have that much impact for me strangely. On the other hand, someone like Kate really grew on me throughout the series.

    Constant favourites:

    Sun, Sawyer, Juliet, Claire and Sayid. I also have a soft spot for everyone from the tail section. Ana Lucia, Eko and Libby were such intriguing and mysterious characters that were killed off too soon.

    But I don't actively hate other characters. I dislike Michael and Charlie a bit more though.
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  5. Locke (and Flocke) just got on my wick in the end. There was a great character in there, but it just became too much of the focal point (and was it me or was that "twist" where he switched backpacks with Jack before they tried to get on the sub just completely obvious).

    I never liked Claire, or Charlie. I suppose the latter's return in the Flash Sideways was worth it for the bit where Desmond is trying to rescue him from the sinking car, but even that seemed just fanwankery in the end when the truth about the Sideways world was revealed to us.

    There were some neat minor characters in the Dharma world which I had forgotten were even referenced early on in the show (people like Horace), and Pierre Chang assumed an air of iconic mystery thanks to those scratchy old Initiative films they found in the hatch.

    Hurley was okay, and good for some memorable moments. Loved how he spent the time in 1977 writing The Empire Strikes Back in his diary, from memory, so he could send it to George Lucas and take the credit.
  6. Trying hard to think who didn’t become a whiney pain in the arse in the end in Lost:

    Sawyer, Sun and Jin ... and that’s about it ... Even Ben went off the boil by the end ...
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  7. Yes, I had Ben fatigue by the midpoint of S6, as did the actor by the looks of it! Sun and Jin were a magical couple. They were *there* a lot of the time but somehow the show managed to underuse them.
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  8. I think they did well with Claire in season 6. Loved her improvised tent, traps and craddle. She was a bit underused though in season 6.

    As for Ben ending up being Hurleys right hand is not that believable for me. He evolved and changed as a character, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too long before he started manipulating Hurley or something.

    One of my least favourite Lil' Lost Moments is this one:


    What were they thinking?
  9. It's a bad MI:2 rip-off, completely wrong for LOST and - according to Lostpedia - a sequence riddled with continuity errors and assorted gaffes. Jack's flying approach in the cliffhanger has changed by the time of the recap after the original break, the weather doesn't stay consistent, mountains crumble and then re-appear unspoiled, the wounds aappear before the stabbing and punching, etc. A complete shitstorm that didn't help S6's underwhelming conclusion.
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  10. The opening scenes of each season are quiet brilliant. Love how S2 and 3 work in a very similar way, yet totally surprised me on first watch.

    The s6 intro was also such a wtf-moment for me... the way the camera pans out of the plane window....with the build up of the music. so good.
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  11. That tracking shot down to the sunken island at the bottom of the ocean. Probably the best bit of S6!
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  12. Its been years since ive seen any part of this show but I just wanna say Sun & Jins death scene is one of the most heartbreaking pieces of television ive ever seen.
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  13. Absolutely. And no happy clappy afterlife bullcrap in the finale can change that.
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