Damn. Vanity Fair has posted an excerpt of Mo Ryan's book about Hollywood toxic workplaces, which has a chapter on the cruel and toxic environment behind the scenes of LOST. It's a really disappointing and heartbreaking read:

Wow, this is shocking. Damon Lindelof always curated his image to come across as a nice, humble, self effacing nerd and this makes him come across as an arrogant, hostile, autocratic monster.
Damn that is disappointing but sadly also not suprising since they fired so many actors cruly so I believe it was also like that behind the scenes.

I don‘t buy the show runners say to almost everything „I don‘t recall that“.
That article is...I actually wouldn't call it shocking at this point, but it certainly is very, very depressing. And it's a must read (I'll have to see whether I can find a way to easily get the book in Germany, it's not listed on amazon.de).
Lindelof was mentioned above, but Cuse actually comes across much, much worse.
I believe Damon is genuine in his apologies. Cuse has always striked me as a bit of a c**t.

Also, Harold Perrineau is amazing in the new EpixTV series called FROM. The series itself is great so if you haven't checked it out, do it!