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Louis Tomlinson

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by strangekin, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. I haven't bothered to check but I'm assuming these venues are not arena's?
  2. I can't believe it's selling.
  3. 1500-3000ish club and theatre spaces and then small arenas in South America. Larger than he deserves to be playing, basically.
  4. I kinda like Don't Let It Break Your Heart.
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  5. I stumbled upon a GQ video where he discusses his tattoos. Most people actually think what they want to put on their bodies forever and tattoos have meaning. Not Louis though, 99% of them are random.
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  6. More than that, he actually got through to boot camp as a solo artist before they formed One Direction. I cannot see how he did that unless the producers knew about 1D from day one.
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  7. Yeah, I bet Simon had the idea the moment he saw them. I mean, none of them actually had a great audition, it was either average or awful. But still, it is shocking they let him through. I mean, I am a Westlife fan and its 100% obvious Nicky was chosen for his looks and charm, even now in his 40s he looks great. But Louis, he isn't even likable let alone handsome, I found him annoying on the X Factor. With Niall I get it because he wasn't good at the audition but there was always something about him, he was funny and natural. Come to think of it, none of the boys were really good singers on the X Factor, I was surprised they lasted that long on the show.
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  8. Ewww why paint anything Louis related?

  9. So creative and urban... the label must have some money invested in this I see.
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  10. Why do I actually like the title track quite a bit ddddd?
  11. Because it rips its melody from an Oasis song?

  12. Certainly not why I like it since I do not know the song/listen to Oasis.
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  13. I just saw that Walls actually credits Gallagher, is it preemptive damage control?
  14. And with one strike.
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  15. I decided to look up Louis's discography just to find out if he has actually had any hits from this album, and:

    2020-01-22 13_47_33-Wikipedia.jpg

    "Dios griego"?

    As in "Greek god"?

    Muffy, sis, the delusion.
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  16. Can we add singer to the delusion list too please.
  17. Rob


    The diminishing returns are genuinely delicious.


  18. ''Louis Tomlinson World Tour''?
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  19. He was on the One Show last night. Basically the bit I saw before switching off was him mostly complaining about having to sing a song he was trying to promote.
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