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Louisa (Johnson) - Yes, I've Been Dropped

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by D.Jay, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. Debut single 'Forever Young' out at Midnight

    Thoughts on the winner?

    I hope she gets sent to Sweden to work with some glorious producers for her debut. I don't want a budget record for her as I really think she could be the UK answer to Zara Larsson!
  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    That was quick!

    I've got high hopes for her.
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  3. Not sure what they'll do with her.

    X-Factor has had a lot of incredible female talent throughout the years and managed to fuck them all up (Fleur is the only one still standing).
  4. Honestly I still think Reggie and Bollie should have won, they had way more energy and fun with their performances. I feel like she sounds like every other winner of every reality show.
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  5. Hopefully she gets sent to Sweden to develop a personality
  6. Really?! Already a thread about Louisa ?
    Her album will probably be filled with the same songs with different titles on them.
  7. Obviously Lousia could release some bops, but Zara Larsson is a superstar. We don't need an answer to her, we need her.
  8. I'd like them to take a slightly different approach with her and get some DJ features in before her official launch. Syco have managed to keep Ella Henderson's profile up with that, so there's no reason not to do it with Louisa.

    (And it'll give us those Louisa bops that the live shows have sorely missed.)
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  9. I hope the people who chose her songs throughout the series have nothing to do with it. It's a miracle they've got her over the line with such dreadful choices. Why did they keep giving her dreary John Lewis ballads when she can sing songs like It's A Man's World?

    I also feel like the producers have damaged the show this year by nuking everyone who was any good.

    Still, Louisa is a great singer and it's about time the show had another successful winner. She'll do well with the right songs.
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  10. Also, Forever Young.. could've been a great song choice. The Jahmene Douglas version was very good. But for some reason her version just doesn't work. When she repeats "and may you stay forever young" it sounds really awkward to me. It's the worst winner's single since Cannonball. It seems like they only get it right in even numbered years.
  11. Press release for the single: http://www.hjpr.co.uk/louisa-johnson-wins-the-x-factor/

  12. They basically established her as a ballad singer on the show, but I think for her to actually achieve some success they are going to have to completely reinvent her.

    I genuinely think this winner's single is going to go on and be one of the worst selling.
  13. Have they always had the winner's single profits go to charities? I can't remember.

    I hope Adele somehow manages to get the number one this week.
  14. She HAS to be successful. I don't mean the winners single as such, but I mean this time next year, her album has to sell. X Factor now only has Little Mix as it's winners success story who are continuing to have success, everyone else has fallen by the wayside. Some yes are still making records, but only Little Mix are relevant in today's music industry and they won 4 years ago.
  15. Only since they scrapped the annual Help For Heroes single by the finalists a few years ago.

    It's a shame they don't put more effort into choosing a good song from the off. When they get it right, they always sell more. James Arthur's was a great choice. Ben Haenow's was actually one of the better ones too.
  16. I think Get Outta My Way would make a fun winner's single.

  17. I want a song written for the winner. How come Australia do this and we don't

    Imagine if we got this in the UK!
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  18. I find her extremely overrated. She has a good voice, but certainly not the "best ever" to come out of The X Factor as Simon has said. Leona and Alex were unique compared to Louisa who has a very basic voice. I would even say that Perrie from LM has a more unique tone to her voice. I was also turned off by Louisa's belting because it felt very shouty and not soulful. Mini Xtina, she is not.

    It'll be interesting to see how Syco manages her because I'd imagine she'll be in the same lane as Ella Henderson, but perhaps with a little Joss Stone vibe.

    Also, Rita's gonna be worth more than 140 million with this win!
  19. What's the logic behind singers auditioning for BGT instead of X Factor?
  20. Give it time. I'm sure they can destroy her by the time her second album is released.

    In all honesty I don't think Louisa will last beyond a year. This show isn't about developing long lasting careers in pop music. We'll see her on Coronation Street as Fiz's cousin.
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