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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dontknow, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Reminds Me of You is a bop.
  2. Sure is! This with the 3 singles plus Shut Up And Kiss Me, are my go to songs from that otherwise rather overly long and boring album.
  3. I've circled back into an obsession with Hurt and honestly, what a crime that she never filmed a video for it.
  4. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I kinda think that Naked and Woman In Me was her and her management not knowing what kind of artist she should be in so they decided she could attempt Janet, Kylie, Gabrielle, Dina, and Eternal.

    Elbow Beach felt like she finally found her lane and definitely was a breath of fresh air.
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  5. She does mention on Steve Anderson's podcast that she really wanted to continue on with the sound/style of Elbow Beach as she felt like it was her sweet spot and the type of 'funky' sound she really liked. Obviously it didn't happen. She's often referenced 'Hammer' as her favourite from Heavy Love so I definitely think we will hear more of that 'funk' vibe in future music.
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  6. Heavy Love, is truly such a strong album and I am hungry for more. Got alot to live up to quality wise, but have every faith in her to deliever.

  7. Giving me life this cold Friday morning! Such an 90s song in the best possible way-and that spoken middle 8. Heaven!
  8. Thanks, I’ll watch this tonight. I think I’ve watched pretty much every video on your channel!
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  9. This looks great, thanks for putting it all together and sharing too.
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  10. 2 years today since Heavy Love came out!

    Listened to the album a few times today and it's still so good. She really did come back with a stunning album. Shame that the tour was cut short due to Covid.

    Hopefully we here about new music soon!
  11. 2 years?? WOW, gone super quick! Such a great album and so thankful I got to see her show just before it was cut short. Brilliant concert.
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  12. Lucky you, I was just days away from seeing her live, I thought you lived in Scotland too?
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  13. I do now, but only for just over a year, moved up in late 2020 to be with my long distance boyfriend. Was living in Bristol still at the time.
  14. Ah, lucky you managed to squeeze Louise in then before you moved!
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  15. This was a great watch. Thank you
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  16. Yes, I agree. This was wonderful to watch. Thank you.
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  17. Thank you!

    Thanks to everyone who's watched so far!
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  18. Indeed, most glad I was. Great concert, one of my favourites I've been too. The rendition of Naked she performed, was such a Kylie moment.
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  19. Does anyone think the production on Heavy Love sounds ‘cheap’ in some parts. I can’t really put my finger on it, but at times I listen to the whole album and feel in parts it could have been beefed up.
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