Louise - Greatest Hits

Fingers crossed for a top ten. I ordered a signed copy from Amazon but by dispatch email only came through at 00:50 this morning so I don’t know if it’ll count
Oh no! I haven’t noticed any problems with my copy that I received this morning, I just put it on & it sounds fine to my ears anyway.

Thrilled that the 4th album era tracks got attached to a new version of the album, this woman is determined to drain my bank account, but she can have every penny she wants for how good the gig and the set of physical items are!

Right Now also is a certified boparoo!
It’s okay - my belt on the player needed to be replaced! Sounds good now!
Gutted for her too! I hope this won't affect her releasing future albums? I don't know how it works these days with the chart positions having a say in what future release opportunities now look like?
#11 is gutting. Same position as Heavy Love too.
We can go into the "What Ifs" like if she did more signings/showcases, delayed starting Grease a week etc, but I think Louise and her team can be proud in the fact that there is a devoted and loyal audience who will turn up and buy the records and the concert tickets (I still hope for a 'Greatest Hits' tour!!!) Every single time.
She can do this for as long as she likes really.

It's shows how dyer music sales are in general thanks to streaming compared to the hay day. Being old Skool, I'll be interested to see where she is in the physical sales chart.

It's wonderfully packaged, especially the deluxe 2CD set and the vinyl. I hope it still has some legs in the weeks to come (ie: father's day) everyone involved deserves to get on the tequila slammers tonight!
She did a sterling job and we can all be proud - she did everything she could. And what really matters is that the fans have thoroughly enjoyed the campaign. 11 is my special number - it signals good things. Like she said… she’s just getting started.
Gutted for her but my personalised vinyl copy showed up today and it really is a quality package. The new songs, the artwork, the pressing quality is also really good sound wise. The four new songs are all also all really great (Right Now is incredible! I need a dance album asap!). I really hope we get another album from her in the not-to-distant future.

PS. I asked for Hi Gregor Hi Louise on vinyl and she did it! Legend.