Louise - Greatest Hits

Charts are important to one extent, but for someone like Louise it will be the viability of package. Did this bring in enough money to justify another campaign

I think it will and with the right week could be a Top 10
It is what it is. Lou has worked so hard on this project and the new songs and the extended and reimagined versions are great. It’s fantastic we have her back making great pop music after all of the years “in the wilderness”. I guess we just have to accept whilst she is very well known her music just isn’t breaking through outside of her small but very loyal fan base. Her streaming numbers and YouTube views are shockingly low. Of course she’s not alone in this - hence I say it is what it is. I hope she continues to do new music - she seems very happy and invested in it once more. Hopefully all of the sidelines help to fund it too.
Ultimately she's a legacy artist with a primarily homosexual fanbase who never really had any particularly enduring GP hits: her team knew exactly what level to aim at, and I'd say a number 11 at a not-dead time of year is really decent. If they'd have managed to get it out in a quieter month like January she'd have probably hit top 5. The overall package was excellent and much more than artists on her level would have been able to do.

BMG are one of the best labels going and know exactly what sorts of budgets to throw at projects, so I doubt they'll be too disappointed with it – it's been a cute profile boost for her again, and I'm sure it'll lead to other stuff.
Ultimately she's a legacy artist with a primarily homosexual fanbase who never really had any particularly enduring GP hits

This. Of course we all love her, but objectively speaking she was never that big a solo artist even in her heyday, so to manage two #11 albums 20 years later is actually quite impressive. I hope she'll continue to release new music as her output has been fantastic since she came back and it's clear she's having a ball.
As Claire_Louise said it is an amazing achievement to get two #11 albums 20 years on from her sales prime. My friends call Louise the "90's Rachel Stevens" (or is Rachel the 00's Louise?), but I think that's them trying to imply she is "boring". I pre-ordered the deluxe and then bought the two digital ones in the week. I really hoped for the top 10 with this, but being a Greatest Hits the only draw was the new tracks as most fans would already own the old CD's, and streaming makes Greatest Hits almost defunct (aside from Little Mix - Between Us being a recent successful GH). Hopefully sales don't fall off a cliff next week.
Must admit, as much I love her, I’m not a fan of the tracks from 03/04- an album full of Pandora’s Box sounding tracks would have been a lot more welcome. If I’m totally honest, I’d have preferred more ballads from her rather than the sound everyone was doing around that time. Something in the vein of Gabrielle’s Rise album.
I’d even say Heavy Love is, overall, her best, most consistent album- even though I have a soft spot for Discussions, That’s The Way I Like It and Back to Love.

Well done, Louise, an absolutely stellar campaign.
It's just the most frustrating position to land in and even more so when you look at the sales difference being less than 100 copies to get in the top 10. She's put out a beautiful package with some cracking new songs so I'm happy but can't help but be frustrated that it's just missed it.
Must admit, as much I love her, I’m not a fan of the tracks from 03/04
I agree, there’s definitely a reason they weren’t released sooner aside from the obvious. Louise as we know is capable of far better and none of them have replay value for me.

Luckily we’ve had Heavy Love and the GH tracks (Super Magic in particular) since then.
You know what? Some other poster here pointed out the 'two No.11' albums chart placings after 20 years of absence and it made such feat actually look like an impressive one to achieve. She's here to stay and continue to deliver the goods, and (as mentioned in one of the interviews from this era) she loves what she's doing. It's a win-win situation.
Still beyond happy we got #11. Yes, Top 10 would have been incredible, but as other have said, to still be releasing and getting #11 is something to be proud of.
It was a very close battle, which probably makes it a little bit harder to swallow.
But if you look at what we have got, we really have been treated;
Album launch show at Shepherds Bush
2 HMV signings (which look like they had a great turnout)
Reimagined racks
Unreleased tracks from the unreleased album
Personalised albums
Amazing choice of bundles and physical copies to choose from.

It really has shown how to give proper treatment to your legacy. The only thing I can think that they could give us now as part of the Greatest Hits era, is the No Sweat Tour footage, whether that be a digital download or a limited physical copy (bundle it as either Super Deluxe edition, or in a box set with physical copies of the digital downloads from the store).

Album 6 looks like it’s in the planning already, so that sounds very promising!