Louise - Greatest Hits

Wonder what this can be for? End of year acoustic EP?

Usually this would be for to work on arrangements and rehearsals for a live performances. The only things Louise is currently scheduled is at caravan site in Dorset at the weekend with Lulu & Nadine Coyle (doubt it will be that) and an corporate awards bash next month.

Could be possibly thinking about doing Lil Lou at Hoopla??
Honestly, I don't know but when I personally resigned myself to the fact that Louise isn't going to go on tour anytime soon. Photos like this surface and I'm pulled back in again.

4 years of Heavy Love! Time has really flown.

I'll forever be sad the tour was cancelled days before my date, but it was a really fun era to follow - especially as someone who had never heard a second of her music before that first play of Stretch.

I saw this and thought there were some new copies of the deluxe edition for sale. Sadly, nope.
I’m still salty the deluxe edition cover wasn’t used for the standard.

What an album though. That and What’s Your Pleasure basically soundtracked my 2020. We need another one queen!
I prefer the Deluxe artwork too, the image used is miles better. I also wish the deluxe version had been issued on vinyl too as it feels a little incomplete when i do listen my own copy, the deluxe tracks feel just as essential to the actual album alongside the rest so its a shame they were left off. I do get that most vinyl releases wont include Bonus tracks often, but this is one of those rare cases where i would have loved to have seen them on there.
Heavy Love absolutely was her best work. It’s a shame it kinda got lost during the pandemic as more people should hear it (and love it). I still listen regularly… and my favourite tracks change all the time. Currently they are…

Wonder Woman
Hands On The Sink
Just A Minute

She sounds phenomenal!