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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Ahh didn’t see the hashtag!
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  2. I’m going to see her in 9 to 5 this week and was considering meeting her at the stage door. I’d love to get a playbill or album cover signed. Does anyone have any experience of meeting her?
  3. I haven't but know she's lovely and stops when she can.
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    So lovely! She’ll be more than happy to sign and take pictures. One of the nicest pop stars and really appreciative of her fans.
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  5. Just met Louise after this afternoon’s show - didn’t want to hold her up cause she was likely going for food but got a brief chat with her. Told her I was really excited for the album and she seemed quite pleased that I’d mentioned it. I asked about the next track coming out and mistakenly said “Hurt” but she said “Hammer, it’s out December 6th!”. Also got a picture with her so that’s my night made.
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    I would love to meet her.
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  7. I met her after one of the Manchester 9-5 The Musical shows (she literally took 20 mins to come out to stage door) and she was fab! I got one of the Heavy Love tour flyers signed and she seemed so excited about the tour and the album. I didn’t get the chance to say how she was good in the show (which she was!) but she gave everyone the time and autographs and pictures!
    I’m going to see her 3 times on the tour (2 times with a Meet and Greet)

    I forgot to say the other day, about how amazing did Villain sound on the Instagram post?
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  8. Get a meet and greet for one of her shows. It’s only £100 with ticket. Bargain!
  9. Villain sounds like a song that could have fitted on eternals last album
  10. I did end up meeting her and she was absolutely lovely. She just sauntered out of the stage door and quietly drifted over, very low key. There weren’t too many people there and a lot seemed to be there for Amber from Love Island. She was so enthusiastic - especially when I spoke about my excitement for the album and took photos and chatted.
  11. Louise was filming something in the studio today. Acoustic sessions?
  12. Met her after 9 to 5 in Dublin tonight. She’s brilliant and so tiny. I love that my fave pop girls make me feel like a giant (though I am 6’2 so...).
  13. Track length for 'Hammer' is up on iTunes - 3:43.
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  14. Not on Spotify today?
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    Next week.
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  16. I just love how sweet and down to earth she is! What a sweetheart.
  17. 6 December
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  18. I wonder, are Hammer's credits visible on Apple Music yet?
    It was the only song missing them when the tracklist was added to the pre-order.
  19. I wonder if the tour is selling well since she is looking for support acts
  20. I know. There’s still loads of meet and greets left. I hope she doesn’t cancel!
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