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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. It's such a 'Runaway' ripoff I'm glad she didn't.
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  2. I can't get enough of this album. I think it's one of the best pop albums in years and there are no bad tracks on here.

    Lead Me On
    Breaking Back Together
    Small Talk
    Give You Up
    Straight To My Heart

    Not The Same
    Just A Minute
    Hands On The Sink
    Settle For Nothing

    Wonder Woman

    Very few albums are this consistent. I'm off to buy tickets for the tour! I really hope it is Heavy Love heavy!
  3. My deluxe CD arrived today! Take that, monday morning blues!
  4. Are the lyrics for the album anywhere? There's a fair few lines that I can't decipher on the second half of the album.
  5. Exactly!!! I looked into the genius and half of the tracks dont have lyrics!
  6. The album credits aren’t even on the website like the cassette states they are, let alone lyrics anywhere, unfortunately.
  7. I always thought that. But still love!
  8. Could Louise do Eurovision this year for the UK. There a couple of songs that are just over or under the 3 Minute mark that I could see with a Eurovision Edit.
  9. Just got tickets to her Glasgow gig in March, can't wait.
  10. I just played my vinyl and the first 2 tracks sound great and then the quality completely drops off into distortion for the rest of the album, has anybody else had this issue?
    What a shame.
  11. Question for the group: am I just projecting, or are JoJo’s vocals still all over Wonder Woman?
  12. Nope mine sounded brilliant throughout.
  13. Good to know, I’ll get amazon to send replacement and hope for the best.
  14. Any midweek info on the album? I know it will have dropped of course. Alas.
  15. It was #71 I think yesterday. It’ll likely be off the chart sadly, but perhaps in line with others who have released after such a long gap. Front loaded fan sales then literally zero sales or streams to keep it afloat. Sad times the way the charts work.
  16. #71? Shame, but yes, guess was to be expected all things considered.
  17. Monday midweek: #72
    Tuesday midweek: #81
    Wednesday midweek: #86 / 868 sales [+143 sales]

    Current prediction is #115 on Friday, and she’s on course to sell around 1,150 (of which around 1,050 would be pure sales).
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  18. Thanks for the info there.
  19. It seems our beloved late 90s solo Brit Queens are all destined to sell around 10,000 albums tops in today's music market.
  20. Ageism and the streaming model need to be rectified somehow. Anyone know how?
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