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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. It's the same as Diana Ross / Donna Summer / Kim Wilde etc releasing low selling albums when Louise was selling platinum in the 90s, babes. Nothing you can do about it, just enjoy the new music.
  2. Sadly I don’t think there is an answer. The sales both physically and digitally show that people don’t “buy” much music these days. Streaming is how the masses consume music making the charts (especially singles) very sterile. Albums are being given credits for streaming based on a few tracks being popular and fans streaming more than 30 seconds of each (this is my understanding at least)..... it’s a sorry state of affairs. I suppose as a 40 year old man I can understand that streaming signifies what is popular with the kids - though ageism is much worse now especially for women in music. (Can you imagine Dusty, Liza, Diana, Cher, Tina scoring a hit single in this day and age like they did in the 80s despite being over 40)

    But unless there is a major renaissance in physical singles and albums, more platforms to actually perform music on TV and a change in chart rules we are stuck with the system we have.

    For me, I gave up caring about the charts around 10 years back. The fact that Louise (and many of my faves) are making great pop music and are able to tour is as good as it’s gonna get. And that for me is the main thing. (Though the finances must be so hard to get right in the streaming age - hence so many celebs branch out into more areas such as fashion, design, tv presenting, sponsorship and so on).
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  3. MB


    Yeah Louise isn’t sponsoring with Asda George because she loves it, it’ll be helping fund the next album. To be fair I’m impressed she’s sold another 1K albums this week.
  4. That's what I was thinking. I was wondering who the 1k people are that have purchased the album this week. And I wonder where they were last week ha ha.
  5. Even with Janet living in London, this wasn't a meeting I expected to happen.

  6. Release 'Runaway Around The World' queens!
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  8. Is the best lyric in pop history

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  9. Louise has fallen from #11 to #121. Funnily enough Emma Bunton - My Happy Place also went 11-121!

    Heavy Love sold 1,109 to be #121, of which 961 were physicals, 81 streaming and 67 downloads. Its overall total is now 7,126.

    This week’s #10 album sold 5,384, less than Louise sold to be #11 last week (6,017).

    Other charts:
    Physicals: #28 (last week: #3)
    Sales: #30 (last week: #4)
    Scottish: #53 (last week: #6)
    Vinyl: Not Top 40 (last week: #3)
    Downloads: Not Top 100 (last week: #9)
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  10. I love Dua Lipa but I still feel attacked by this @Jacques xx
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  11. One word. Amazing.
  12. Just A Minute is now maybe my favourite, it’s kinda peaked from nowhere. Hurt, Wrong, Straight To My Heart and Villain are up there too.

    I also love the Hammer backing vocals, very Eternal-esque.
  13. Agree with all of this. Just A Minute has become my 2nd most played from the album.
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  14. Hammer really is fantastic. Love how 90s style it is too.
  15. I know, right?

    A week on of listening, and my faves would probably be

    1. Hammer
    2. Not The Same (what a grower)
    3. Breaking Back Together
    4. Just A Minute
    5. Small Talk
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  16. Her tour is listed at 35% off on Groupon. First time buyers can add an extra code ("WELCOME") at checkout which takes the ticket down to 12 quid. Little Stretchers, now's your chance to get this bargain and watch the queen of pop live. x
  17. Just snatched a ticket! Thanks!
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  18. I was gonna get a ticket eventually so this was a good excuse to go ahead and do it!

    C'mon Pandora's Kiss & Beautiful Inside
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  19. Little Stretchers!
  20. I got one for the London date!!
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