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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. I saw it too via her Bristol performance and it was a wonderful show indeed. Hopefully she will resume it at one point when all is hopefully as well as its ever going to be again.
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  2. Most of these songs did leak a few years ago though.
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  3. Yeah they did and I did have some of them (but not anymore when changing computers/hard drives etc), but they were not in high quality as one would expect.

    It would also be nice, in the streaming era, to have them properly available so to make playlists complete etc.
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  4. Yeah, I think they were like 160 kpbs quality or something... Still, it was nice to hear them. I'm not sure as an album it would have topped Elbow Beach though. They mostly sounded more R&B with an attempt to be more 'edgy' or 'street'. Whereas I felt Elbow Beach was more sophisticated in its sound.
  5. I was listening to Woman In Me, and I must admit, it is the album I really struggle with. It just feels too over long and dare I say it, a bit bland? Have only kept 5 songs imported now. Naked was mid 90's dance pop/R&B realness, Elbow Beach was a more mature sound into R&B and Heavy Love is just genius and feels like the best of both those albums but for now. But Woman In Me...
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  6. Woman in Me always bored me a little too.
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  7. Stopping by to say Hurt is brilliant.
  8. Glad I'm not alone then!
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  9. I’m the complete opposite. I adore Woman In Me but find Elbow Beach a snooze fest outside the singles and Egyptian Queen
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  10. See, I thought that for a while but so much of it has grown on me over the years. It has the three excellent singles (including two of her very best in Arms/All that Matters), New York Moon, Don't Be Shy, Love Will Bring You Back and the title track all of which I love. The only ones that could probably be axed are Happy Love, Healing Love, When Will My Heart Beat Again and Trust In You.
  11. What........... the...........
  12. Hammer is that bop that never was.
  13. Think Shut Up And Kiss Me and Reminds Me Of You are my two favourites outside the 3 otherwise excellent singles.
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  14. Woman In Me would have been an excellent album if only they’d taken a little more time with it and refined things a little. There’s a lot of middle of the road fat on that album, whereas pop in 1998 was clearly going a little more harder and dance orientated.
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  15. It was the only album of hers I owned and I just couldn't get into it either, strange when Arms Around the World was my favourite 90s Louise song. Heavy Love is fantastic, I was unlucky that I was meant to see her Glasgow gig and the whole tour was cancelled just days before it.
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  16. Book coming in March... her author bio on Amazon says “she is a founding member of Eternal and has recorded four solo albums - her latest, Heavy Love, was released in January 2020, hitting the top 3 in the UK charts.” Queen of PR.

  17. Didn't expect this must admit! Looks good though.
  18. Yassss.
    Can’t wait.
  19. I forget she's still a big deal in the UK tabloids. She's always on the cover of the gossip mags. Hope this'll be a success for her.
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  20. It's just nice to have Louise back, do love a good pop memoir too.
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