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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Could 'All The Woman You Need' be this 2003 track by greek Popstars girlband Hi-5?

  2. Ugh, I hate when they do this, tease the fans with something and then don't release at all.
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  3. MB


  4. Sounds good!
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  5. Amazing. I was so gutted to have missed her as my concert was just after she cancelled so hopefully I can go to this.
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  6. It is good to see her resume shows of some form. I was so lucky to see her just the night before lockdown started to come into place.
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  7. I'm interested in this! Will have to try and get tickets!
  8. It really is one of the best....maybe best albums of the year.
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    By the looks of it, they’ll be a live stream of the show as well.
  10. Got my tickets!!! Yes. So looking forward to this after the last show got cancelled
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    I've had to settle for a streaming ticket! £6 is a bargain.
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  12. Hope you enjoy!
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  13. I hadn’t realised there’s streaming tickets for this. I might buy. Still gutted I didn’t get to see the tour in Manchester.
  14. I got two tickets for this. I can't really work out the seating plan, but I think I'm front row ish?

    Looks a fab evening, so can't wait!
    Hopefully the live stream will be available afterwards as well!
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  15. Looking forward to the live stream.
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  16. I just purchased a ticket for the live stream. I do hope this is the start of some kind of live events for many artists.

    I’m glad Louise is doing this as I missed out due to her cancelled show in Glasgow back in March so look forward to hearing some of the new material live. Heavy Love is definitely my favourite album of the year so far!
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  17. Does anyone want to share a "table" or however it's done with me? Tickets are only sold in 2 or 3 and I'm on my own. It seems pretty cheap!
  18. A friend of mine is also solo should i put you two in touch?
  19. Woohoo! Just booked tickets to see Louise at the Clapham Grand on Friday 2nd! Literally cannot believe that I am going to see her perform live! The teenage fan in me is beyond excited and living life for this moment!
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