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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Same on Zoom as Twitch. Apparently they are aware (according to comments on Zoom) and attempting to fix.
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  2. Did she just forget the words to Lead Me On?
  3. Seems to have improved with Lead Me On.... is it just me or is Lou sounding a bit hoarse and not as smooth as normal.... maybe nerves?

    And as always lots of heavy lifting from the BVs......they sound good.

    EDIT - she sounds much better the 2nd half
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  4. Eternal are speaking?!
    This must happen!
  5. Is the sound guy just smashing buttons and hoping for everything to be alright?
  6. Kelle said something similar last week! Eternal 2021 could be coming!
  7. Apparently we will get a rewatch link for the stream on Monday due to the sound issues.
  8. Just had a message:

    ''The venue are working quickly to fix a problem with the Louise Redknapp stream. We will send a rewatch link for the stream on Monday.''
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  9. I’m currently at the venue and it’s such a great atmosphere! if you see someone front row bopping away awkwardly with the occasional hand in the air and clapping, then that’s me

    It’s sounding fantastic and just to be in the same room as a live band at a proper gig is an incredible feeling.

    I’m so looking forward to the 2nd half!

    My years of lip syncing had paid off though, as you can’t sing along (although you can cheer!)
  10. Seems fixed now.

    Can I just say what a ledge Neil Prince is. The set lists have been fabulous! So many bops and lost gems!
  11. Sound worked fine with his first set. It’s when Lou is on that seems to be the problem.
  12. We can’t actually see any of the audience on the stream.

    Glad you’re having fun.
  13. Love that the music continued as the DJ and his equipment were wheeled off stage.

    So was he doing it or not?
  14. Both outfits...... slightly unflattering tonight? Always gorgeous regardless just not keen on these choices?
  15. Yes I'd agree with this. But as you said she is always gorgeous.
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  16. I am so glad she did Not The Same it is one of my favourites from the new album.

    I hope she does Hurt.
  17. I wish fans would get more creative with their questions..... I feel like we've heard Louise answer these types of questions time and again on shows like The One Show.
  18. Yeah was a good choice as was Settle For Nothing.
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  19. Oh wow I can't believe she was nearly Emily in Friends.
  20. I didn't know the proceeds from this were going to charity.

    Also, happy she confirmed she's working on a new album with electro pop influences.
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