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Louise - Heavy Love (2019 Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. No 'Naked'? Or 'Stretch'?
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  2. No Naked?

    No Stretch?

    The fuck?
  3. I was expecting an encore with those two and In Walked Love.

    Weird choices especially after including covers and Eternal songs.
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  4. Very odd considering 'Naked' is essentially her biggest hit and 'Stretch' was her lead single from the new album........
  5. MB


    The second half was much stronger! But yeah I’d have cut Stuck in the middle out for Naked at the very least.
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  6. Very odd omissions especially considering Stuck In The Middle making an appearance. Odd.
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  7. I'm pretty sure it was in the setlist when I saw her in March, so I think she usually performs that one but it's just strange those others were taken out...Unless they didn't work as well in this more 'acoustic' style (as before her shows had more electronica elements).
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  8. Big mistake to leave Naked and Stretch our but I’m glad to have seen some of the Heavy Love material live at last as my Glasgow gig was cancelled back in March.

    I think my ideal Louise set list would look something like this;

    Undivided Love
    Small Talk
    Pandora’s Kiss
    The Best That You Bring
    All That Matters
    Lead Me On
    One Kiss From Heaven
    Stay/Oh Baby I..../Save Our Love (Medley)
    Arms Around The World
    Light Of My Life
    Just A Minute
    2 Faced
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  9. Set list for anyone who is interested

    2 Faced
    Light of my Life
    Lead me On
    Stuck in the Middle
    So Good*/Oh Baby I...*/Just a Step from Heaven*


    Arms Around the World
    Settle for Nothing
    Not the Same
    Interview Pt2
    Together Again (Janet Jackson cover)
    The Boss (Diana Ross cover)
    Let's Go Round Again / One More Time (Daft Punk interpolation)

    *Eternal songs.

    Really she could have ditched the Eternal songs and covers for more of her own material.

    Looking at the Heavy Love Tour setlist it's basically in that order with some songs missing.
  10. Incredible evening at the show. Will colleague all my thoughts together soon as it’s late and I’m pretty tired!
    I really hope we are able to capture the live stream again on Monday so we can have it to keep!
    Although I was there, I will want to watch again!
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    When is she going to perform the Runaway Around the World mashup we need and deserve!?
  12. Very good set list you did there.
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  13. If you watched the live stream or went to the show on Friday, check your emails as they've sent a link to the show. The link is only up for a few more hours!
  14. There is still audio issues with the first part, sadly. Seems there were unable to fix it.
  15. Island

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    This is actually really cute:
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  16. Ooh, I can see me at the front haha.
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  17. Her Eternal medley, was amazing!
  18. I've just had an idea.
    I wonder if she'd be able/up for doing a live stream performance of the full Heavy Love Tour show, very much like the live streams that Melanie C (see below) and Lawson have recently done. I bet there would be a fair few people who would be up for seeing the show, seeing as most of the tour was cancelled. She could do Virtual Meet and Greets and merchandise bundles?

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  19. Clever idea. I like it.
  20. I mean she did the live show a few weeks back... I know it wasn't exactly the same as the tour but... I can't really see her spending money on doing a streaming thing. Perhaps if it was closer to the album like it was for Melanie. I can see Kylie doing something like this before Disco. I'm not sure there's much to gain for Louise to do it now.
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