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Louise - Heavy Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Not strictly a solo release, though could it mark the return of Louise to music. Have we heard anything more about this upcoming release?
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  2. I'm just now getting into her more. I recently purchased Elbow Beach, which I love, and the Japanese release of Woman In Me is on its way. Then I'll buy the Japanese release of Naked and her singles for the b-sides. I wish her fourth album got released, because it was the most pop. I'm glad she's featuring on a new song though.
  3. What?! My childhood object of stanning returns.
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  4. Woow..!! Sigma as well, this could be a hit!! I loved her so much as a child.
  5. Is this defo Louise Redknapp and not another artist called Louise? Great if it is Redknapp but it seems very random.
  6. That is what I thought, sounds very random.

    There is literally nothing about it on her twitter or anywhere really.
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  7. This can't be real, can it? I keep forgetting and being reminded of just how much I love Louise. I sat down for two minutes the other day and ended up watching one of those Vault programmes with all her music videos.

    I'm a little suspicious as there's no song title on that artwork...("because that's the only suspicious thing about all this" - The World)
  8. MB


    I bet it's fake (but hope it's not!) Do some digging people!!
  9. She was my first obsession when I was nine, so much love for her.
  10. I believe it's fan made. This is from Twitter (with the same pic attached)

    Eternal & Louise @wildaboutlouise ยท Jan 15
    Congrats to @sigmahq on their 2 @BRITAwards nominations next a track featuring @LouiseRedknapp on there album please
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    Sad times.
  12. This would've been amazingly random.
  13. SIGMA feat Marvin & Tamara next.
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  14. I love Louise so sad she won't make more music.
  15. SIGMA feat Dana Dawson next please.
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  16. SIGMA (Feat. Donna Lewis)
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  17. Remixed by The Mad Stuntman.
  18. [Junior Vasquez Clubapella]
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  19. Sigma feat. Cleopatra
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  20. SIGMA feat Vonda from Madasun.
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