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Louise - Heavy Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. SIGMA feat. Ladies First
  2. SIGMA feat. Elastica


    SIGMA feat. The Knife

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  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.


    SIGMA is teasing us by putting clips online.
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  4. Sigma's debut album is called Life.

    Sigma feat Des'ree's toast.
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  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    SIGMA ft. Delta
  6. Elbow Beach is still a pleasure to listen to. What a strong album.
  7. MB


    Oh thank god, I was half expecting some more Sigma ft.. rubbish.

    I never really got into any of her albums back when they were released - I may have to dig them out I seem to remember there were too many ballads for my liking. Apart from "The Best That You Bring" which was my jam!
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  8. I'm sick to my back teeth of the Sigma feat. thing too. It wasn't even funny.

    I only like Elbow Beach, her other albums are very ballad-heavy but thankfully Elbow Beach is mostly uptempo.
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  9. SIGMA feat. Bitty McLean
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  10. Was Don't Give Up really an Asda only single?


    I wonder why she never released a full fourth album on the back of this going top 5? The leaked tracks she posted on youtube sounded promising.
  11. Sigma feat. Claudia Brücken
  12. I think her time was up and she knew it. I remember my mother said "time for her to knock it on the head, she's too old, it's embarrassing" when she saw the Pandora's Kiss video. Yeah she sneaked a week in the top 5 but it only spent 3 weeks in the top 40.
  13. I have been late getting into Louise. Just got her second and third albums (Japanese Editions) and both are quite strong.

    My favorite tracks are Undivided Love, All That Matters, Love Will Bring You Back To Me, and the glorious 2 Faced. Wish she had pushed on with the fourth album. Hell if Eternal could release that album as a duo...
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  14. I didn't especially care for the songs that leaked, which were supposedly for her unreleased album so I'm happy it ended with Elbow Beach. To me that album is her best work.
  15. Does anyone have a link for the lost 4th album by chance? I lost it and I'd like to own 'Right Into Reverse' and 'Slam' again --smiley face--
  16. Frightening that your Mum thinks 28 is to old to be a pop star.

    Most pop music was in and out of the charts fast around that time. There was a period in the early naughties where there just wasn't any longevity in chart runs.

    I think the actual reason the album never came out was because she got pregnant and then during this time her new record company folded.

    Of course I could be wrong and I'm sure someone will put me right! Although - 28 being too old? I hope you educated your Mother?!
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  17. In Walked Love is my favourite of hers.
  18. She looked older than 28 in the video though - probably just bad makeup. And yeah the chart was faster, but 3 weeks in the top 40 was still poor, especially at a time when sales were falling.
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  19. My favorites are 2 Faced, In Walked Love, and of course:

    That was my introduction to her in fact, during my Almighty superstan days. Their mix of Get Over You was also what got me into La Bextor!

    "Poison words are spoken, my faith in you is broken - but I'll make it on my own" is legit one of my favorite lyrics ever.

    My next favorite would be Naked (mentioned in a Vicar of Dibley episode #TrueCredibility #Relevance) and then Stuck in the Middle with You.

    SIGMA feat. Kate Winslet
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  20. Are you kidding? She looked amazing in the video...


    She wasn't voted FHM Sexiest woman of the decade for nothing ya know!

    Don't disagree on the performance of the single. It was a shame that it didn't do the business for her in the long run.
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