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Louise - Heavy Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. She does look good but the makeup makes her look quite drawn.
    My favourites of hers are Undivided Love (my favourite song of 96, after Ooh Aah!), 2Faced and Beautiful Inside.
    Yet to hear all of Elbow Beach. Her debut album was very strong.
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  2. Oh my God, Dianne Warren did NOT write In Walked Love!!!
  3. Isn't it a cover of an Exposé track? I'm sure there is a Diane-penned track she did where I thought "how did she afford that?" only to read it was a cover.

    Very similar to seeing Precious had a Diane track on their album, which of course was a Ricky Martin cover (later covered by boy-band Natural).
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  4. Same with Jan Johnston. I found out that a single Perfecto threw out in 2009 was written by Diane Warren only to later find out it was a cover like the above...
  5. Oh, you sad flops.

  6. Cheeky but does anyone have the b-sides/remixes for '2 Faced' and 'Beautiful Inside' that they wouldn't mind sharing? I can only find 'Say Yes' on iTunes.
  7. I have been going back into her music lately. I had forgotten how much I love 2 Faced... what an anthem! And Let's Go Round Again is just fantastic feel good music. Her voice is great I wish she done new music. Pandora's Kiss just wasn't good enough.
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  8. Arms Around the World and Let's Go Round Again are her two best for me.

    I also love her cover of Stuck in the Middle With You.
  9. By the way Louise appears on tomorrow nights episode of the Great Sports Relief Bake Off with Geri Halliwell.
  10. Oh wow thanks! I must watch that.
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  11. Should be fun.

    Just noticed Geri and Louise have just followed each other on twitter <3
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  12. SIGMA feta LOUISE & GERI
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  13. You don't have to make everything Greek, dear.
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  14. That was the point.

    Eat more feta.
  15. Can someone please clear something up for me? Am I right in thinking there are 3 versions of Let's Go Round Again? I'm sure someone said on here that the version on Now 39 is different to both the single and album versions (assuming they are also different?)
  16. Yes, this is correct...

    Radio Mix [3:53] - One note orchestral intro, beefed up bass/beat
    Album Mix [4:01] - Cresendo orchestral intro, soft bass/beats, long fade
    Now 39 Mix [3:51] - Cresendo orchestral intro, soft bass/beats, earlier fade than album mix

    The differences between album and Now 39 mixes is quite minor really, but they are different.
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  17. She's posting clips of her videos and pictures of her / Eternal a lot lately on FB and Instagram. Is she getting nostalgic and itching for a comeback?
  18. I doubt it. I actually don't think she'll ever return to music.
  19. Her cover of Let's Go Round Again is one of my favourites of hers. Great single mix and remix package. Especially the Paul Gotel mix.

    It would be a shame if she never returned to the music industry. She was a great pop star!
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  20. Popjustice Pop Quiz realness. O @Deborux where art thou.
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