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Louise - Heavy Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. Sigma feat. Post Edited I Have Removed My Retrospective Intellectual Property
  2. Oops. @ self:

    (I know this is a triple post but who gives a shit about this thread.)
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  3. SIGMA feat. Janet Jackson's foetus
  4. Island

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    'Naked' and '2 Faced' are bops. I would probably have stanned for her if I was British, alive, and old enough to remember her songs in that time.
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  5. Island

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    Oh wow she sang live

  6. She sounds pretty damn good, and holy hell is she beautiful.

    Also chuckled that it looks like 2/3rds of Honeyz are the backup singers.
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  7. She sounds amazing she was always a great singer IMO she was the second strongest singer behind easther love Louise's take on oh baby i

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  8. Island

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    Wasn't Vernie the weakest Eternal singer?
  9. I miss lil Lou
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  10. Aw whatever happened to Louise, she was great in eternal, one of my favourite bands growing up!
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  11. K94


    2 Faced is iconic.
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  12. Island

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    What an anthem!
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  13. 'Beautiful Inside' is really good too and 'Pandora's Kiss'.
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  14. Island

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    When will Xtina?
  15. That intro

    'Hi girls!'

    It's one of the best non Britney "Britney" songs of 2000 - the other being Billie Piper's Day and Night
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  16. Island

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    '2 Faced' and 'Beautiful Inside' seemed like the could have been decent hits in America considering Britney was on the rise with a somewhat more child-friendly sound of those songs.
  17. Elbow Beach is a cracking adult pop album. Not a bad track on it.
  18. Island

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    Can someone make me a playlist for her? Use album tracks too, please!
  19. Island

    Island Staff Member


    Also, 'Beautiful Inside' is such a bop as well as an anthem! I do think she's gonna start singing Janet's 'Rhythm Nation' at some points, though.
  20. Honestly just get her best-of. I can't really make you a playlist because her only songs I care about are:

    - Naked
    - In Walked Love
    - 2 Faced (original and Almighty mix)
    - For Your Eyes Only
    - Stuck in the Middle with You
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