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Louise - Heavy Love

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  2. Elbow Beach is her best album, followed closely by Naked. Woman in Me is very padded with filler.
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  3. Check these out @Island

    2 Faced
    Beautiful Inside
    Undivided Love
    The Best That You Bring
    Love Will Bring You Back
    Al That Matters
    Arms Around the World
    First Kiss
    Better Back Off
    Slightest Touch
    Come & Get It
    Don't Be Shy
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  4. Found b-sides from "Arms Around The World" they both got a nice smooth r&b feel to em
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    I love 'Arms Around the World'.

    Also, she's the queen of the lip sync. This is such a bop! Thanks @tylerc904

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  6. Beautiful Inside; The Very Best of Louise
    1) Light Of My Life
    2) In Walked Love
    3) Naked
    4) Undivided Love
    5) One Kiss From Heaven
    6) The Best That You Bring
    7) Arms Around The World
    8) Let's Go Round Again
    9) All That Matters
    10) Running Back For More
    11) Love Will Bring You Back To Me
    12) 2 Faced
    13) Beautiful Inside
    14) For Your Eyes Only
    15) First Kiss
    16) Stuck In The Middle With You
    17) Pandora's Kiss
    18) Don't Give Up
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  7. Just discovered this , going by the title I was expecting such a totally different sounding song

    The beginning part is hilarious with the little dance they do
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    It's a cover.
  9. Makes sense, just did a quick Google and found out, I like the video set used but imo could've been saved and used for a better song but this is kinda catchy
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  10. The video is an homage to 'that' scene in Reservoir Dogs.
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  11. I still find that such an odd song to cover in the first place. Not one of my favorite singles from her.
  12. Did anyone actually write Sigma feat. Take That earlier in this thread?! Suddenly Sigma feat. Louise doesn't seem so far fetched now...
  13. I downloaded her Best Of after low key stalking this thread and she has so many songs I didn't even know I forgot. I thought I was too young to remember her but from hanging out with my cousins her now I remember played her constantly she seeped into my head.
  14. I bought her debut album on Amazon for the princely sum of £1.15 to bring an order up to free p&p which now means I have all three Louise solo records. If ever there was an artist who had albums with a couple of very good singles and the rest bland filler then its her.
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  15. I miss Louise :(
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  16. I agree now, but back in the day as a teen, i would have argued blind that everything she did was brilliant, the only album i think that still has really decent tracks on it is Woman In Me, some really gorgeous ballads on there,.I used to be a huge fan, but i barely listen to her anymore.
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  17. I would not say woman in me had filler if anything it's a well written record. Lots of potential singles shame they released all that matters the single edit made it so MOR. I believe she wanted Shut up and Kiss me but the label refused. It would have been her naked part 2. They obviously were trying to appeal to a more mature audience album 2 which alienated her younger fans.
  18. That's right, i remember her saying on her Soft & Gentle tour that Shut Up & Kiss Me was going to be a future single, shame it never happened, i reckon with the production beefed up a little it could possibly have been a hit, maybe another top 10, All That Matters is a nice song, but was never keen on it being a single, i think it effectively killed future singles from the album, which was a tad annoying.
  19. New York Moon is, to this day, one of my guilty pleasures.

    I loved Louise back in the day. After Gina, she was my favourite.

    Undivided Love, the single edit, is by my far my favourite track of hers. There is a lot of filler on Naked, though I still lose my shit occasionally to Best that you bring and Discussions (which, in all fairness, is pretty shit). I remember feeling pretty underwhelmed by Woman In Me when I first bought it, though it's aged a fair bit better than Naked, with more substance. I never got around to listening to Elbow Beach, although I remember loving the singles.
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  20. She really was the Rachel Stevens of her time (but a better singer with better material) I found it rather endearing she practically does the same riff on every song too. That collaboration with sigma isn't that out of reach considered they've just worked with take that.
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