Louise - Heavy Love

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For the sake of confusion her team might want to edit the Pandora's Kiss' release date to 2003?
It currently says 2019, whilst using the same logo & font as Stretch/Heavy Love.
This really is an unexpected comeback. Really proud Louise has done this and made an excellent single and video whilst not losing her identity or sound. Who’d have thought?
So I have waited all day to post my review of the single since the day to day chores of work have prevented me from logging on sooner, but here are my thoughts and musings below!

First and foremost, before I annoy anybody, I think Louise has come back with a song worthy of current pop trends. The minimalist and sparse beats that work their way through the beginning of the song, mixed with her lightly, breathy voice are a nice contrast as she builds up to an utterly explosive finale. Her vocal delivery is everything I would expect from Louise and more.

However, and I don’t want this to come across in any negative form, I was expecting something more. Maybe more of a harder beat ala Two Faced or the more poppier R&B or Naked. When you think of the material she has shelved on her unreleased album such as ‘Slam’, ‘Bounce Back’ and even ‘Lil Lou’ I was hoping for something more aggressive.

But, and I stress this greatly, it is a small niggle as overall it’s a great first single from a new campaign. It’s sets the bar high and makes me greatly anticipate the rest of the album! The girl done good!
I've been thinking her breathy singing in the verses sounds like someone and it's finally clicked that she sounds a little like Diana Vickers.
The artwork is just terrible, she looks like someone's crazy aunt has just got home at 6am after a night on the tiles. Awful.

But forget that. What a comeback tune. Well done to all involved and so pleased she hasn't gone down the mumsy ASDA pop route.
This song is actually pretty good

and Pandora's Kiss is finally available to stream in the US

Not open for further replies.