Louise - "High Hopes" + Greatest Hits (Jun 2)

Takes me right back to the Heavy Love Tour performance.

She sounds fantastic on the track. So far, all the reimagined tracks we've heard so far sounds brilliant!
When we saw
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Having a studio version really does make up for not hearing the live version *yet* duev o my Heavy love tour dates getting COVID Cancelled.
When we saw her at one of her rescheduled ‘Heavy Love’ gigs at Clapham Grand, she performed neither ‘Naked’ nor did she perform ‘Stretch’.

Was definitely a choice on both songs and although the gig was still brilliant, it was a very odd move.
Do you think we could get some other tracks not on the deluxe version of the album released midweek for casual sales (a la Steps with the Platinum Collection), considering Steve Anderson has worked on these new versions?