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Louise (Redknapp) - Stretch (2019)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

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  3. I suspect it will just be the CD single releases rather than any promo only stuff though expect one little bonus I’ve assisted with!

    The Agnelli & Nelson remix of 2 Faced is great but it’s a shame it had about 4 minutes lobbed off the CD release due to that 20 minute ruling... (which probably means the edited version will be the one to go online).
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  4. Can't wait to find out what this bonus is!
    And I hope these singles will become available worldwide, as they are not yet available to me on Spotify! Probably just a matter of time!
  5. Indepedent distributed by Warner I believe.
  6. I always wonder what kind of income acts like Louise will earn from these comebacks. I suppose a moderate tour can earn some money but she won't sell albums will she.
  7. I didn’t know 4 mins was cut but I have the vinyl promo so I suppose it’s the full version on there

    I wonder if they will ever release the alternative version of Naked that I have on an Abbey Road studios master cd
  8. I love how Louise isn't even doing most of the adlibs on the Let's Go Round Again chorus.
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  9. In Walked Love now on streaming sites and iTunes.

    Although the mixes on the second cd on Spotify have been uploaded incorrectly as they are the same tracks as cd1
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  10. It really could have gone downhill after In Walked Love limped in at number 15 or whatever it was. Thank God for Naked.
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  11. Its crazy that Naked came third. It sounds like such a “launch” single. I’ve already said this in here, I’m still amazed they went with Light of My Life. Wouldn’t have even been a pick for single 5 if I was them, let alone the first!
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  12. Naked literally saved her career. I love the song in its diet Janet-ness.
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  13. I remember a video back in the day (might have been her actual official VHS) and she said everyone expected an uptempo first so decided to go against the grain with a ballad.

    I agree though. As much as I love Light of My Life, it seems strange looking back now that it was chosen.
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  14. It’s the same on iTunes but it’s getting fixed
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  15. Yes it’s only really near the end of the track they left Sylvia mason James really high in the mix
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  16. Sylvia!!

    The Spotify mislabelled tracks isn't fixed yet - what a f*ck up! But good to have, as I never originally had the CD singles. Yet to find a mix of In Walked Love that I enjoy though.
  17. I have all the CD Singles that housed b-sides, some of which are really good.
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  18. I imagine she will do some summer shows, perhaps announce a mini tour. I expect it to be around the scale/success of Gabrielle's or Martine McCutcheon's latest albums.
  19. I can access Australian Spotify at the moment and the singles are now a) showing (so they must have sorted the Uk only problem) and b) the track lengths are now 3:52, 8:26, 6:50 and 6:03 so they must have been fixed.

    In fact UK iTunes is now showing the right track lengths.

    Might just take a while to filter through. It’s only been a day and a half and it’s not like this is the biggest priority for Warner.
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  20. I see them on Dutch spotify too - awesomeness!
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