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Louise (Redknapp)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. I think First Kiss (The Wedding Song) had single potential. I also think Egypian Queen could have worked well with a really stylish video.
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  2. Awks
  3. I remember having high hopes for Elbow Beach when it came out, I was so certain at the time she had a chance at another top five record, If I remember correctly, that and Ronan Keating's debut were the only two albums that charted in the top 40 that week, I was gutted that it ended up where it did.

    I will admit, at the time I found it a really difficult pop album to get into as it really was different to what I was used to enjoying at the time, I was pretty much only into chart pop, but I gave it time and by the time the year was over, it became one of my favorite albums.

    I played it a few weeks ago and I think I love it more now than I ever did.
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  4. I do like both songs but I don’t think they would have charted well,but these 2 tracks are on the Japanese version of changing faces
  5. Most of the promo for all that matters and stuck in the middle was live and you have arms around the world on the lottery and first kiss live too on some show and beautiful inside was live on blue peter and top of the pops
  6. Has she got a new record deal or is she planning on releasing anything new?
  7. There is meant to be something coming up
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  8. Louise and Jamie will be divorced tomorrow
  9. Best grab that @louisenurding twitter handle!
  10. Sad, however I am happy for her as she genuinely seems really happy at the moment.
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  11. She seems the happiest I have seen her in a while
  12. I'm rewatching the Bake Off special Louise was in and she's so adorably jittery.
  13. Colour me excited.....my tickets for 24th in London Scala arrived today, really looking forward to seeing Louise again after so long xx
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  14. Mines are on the way
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  15. Im still waiting!!! im actually really looking forward to the gig now i've seen the videos Spillett shared, been playing the Changing Faces DVD repeatedly for my other half as he is being dragged along so he can get reacquainted with her practically forgotten hits.
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  16. My tickets arrived today
  17. I want to re-create the Let's Go Round Again choreography on my staircase for my man

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  18. Finally found this thread! Massive Louise fan here. Saw her at Under the Bridge and it was incredible reliving all those songs from my teenage years. Also got to meet AJ from Strictly who wa as sweetie!
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  19. She was great in Glasgow she smashed it
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  20. I'm really really looking forward to Wednesday.... My partner and I have had such a shit weekend, seeing Lou is going to lift up our spirits and I cant wait!!!!
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