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Louise (Redknapp)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by mceyedol, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Was it same set list as Under the bridge
  2. From what I saw on Instagram, yes.
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  3. Yes it was
  4. Congratulations Lou
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  6. So excited for this. I can’t believe she’s been signed again. I can’t wait for new music. I hope it’s original rather than covers.
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  7. Seems like a publishing deal, but any move is a good move.
  8. Just home from seeing Louise at Scala. She was great and the audience were behind her all the way. She was a bit nervous and forgot verse one to Stay, Just A Step and Naked strangely.... but was lovely as ever, interacting with the fans and loving it. Not sure but possibly Etenal were in the crowd as she gave them a shout out and looked up to the top balcony. The only “celeb” I saw was Judge Rinder. He’s very small and very tanned “in real life” ha ha
  10. I don’t know for sure, was desperately trying to see them but as I said Louise gave them a shout out like “love you girls” but it was dark.....and if and it’s a big IF they were high up in the top whilst I was on the floor.
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  11. It was a good show, couldn't help but notice her forgetting the lyrics also, but it didn't spoil it, the only criticism I have is that it felt really short!
  12. Well if they had let her sing on those back in the day.

    Hope we get new material and another tour next!
  13. Last night's Scala gig was fantastic. The weather left me contemplating not even going as it was so bad, but she was more than worth it and her versions of the Eternal tracks were lovely.
  14. Poor 'Stuck In The Middle With You' tho. RIP
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  16. So is she writing for Katy B?
  17. Is there a mega-bop on Woman in Me? Hazy memory of someone saying that 'blah' is the hit that never was?
  18. I imagine she's working with her on solo material? I can't see she'd be writing FOR her.
  19. Katy B is probably writing for/with her.
  20. There are a few shoulda been singles;

    Shut Up & Kiss Me
    New York Moon
    Running Back To You

    Very varied in style but all strong songs.
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