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Louise - "Super Magic" + Greatest Hits (Jun 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dontknow, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. anyone else like this track? it reminds me a bit of 2 Faced for some reason with the chorus
  2. i doubt it will be her comeback single now , its been around for a year or 2 now.

    Actully where the hell is she ???
  3. Has nobody cottoned onto the fact that this is a Stacie Orrico song from her last album?

    I love Louise but her version of the song is poor in comparison...
  4. It's not been a secret that this a re-working of the stacie orrico track.

    I'm rather Loving the full version of her other new song 'Slam' the other one with some guy sharing vocals 'Don't Ever Change' is a bit too floaty and slow for me. more songs like 'Bounce Back' and 'Slam' please Ms Redknap
  5. Hasn't she left music for good now tho?

    There is no real niche in the market for her... altho after Pandora I thought a successful new album was deffo on the cards...
  6. well in the Mail On Sunday yesterday she said she loves making music and will continue to sing and make music and release a new single. and release one when the times right. there was a really nice picture to go with the article too she looked like a mermaid it was all aqua and marine like.
  7. I just cant see any of those tracks doing anything for her chartwise. At leasst the Pandora debacle saw her trying something new.
  8. As much as I love Louise, I'd rather her not make a comeback at all than have her suffer the indignity of having a major flop single. As everyone has said and as she has said herself, there is just no market for her. Louise's prolonged chart absence has hardly helped either.

    Milky x
  9. For fuck sake!
  10. omg are you serious :s but her last album release was her greatest hits in 2001.

    Her last studio album was almost 6 years ago.

    I guess people think dannii's idea worked

    this also means she will only be bk for 1 or 2 singles and disappear again to make a new album
  11. hasn't she already had 2 greatest hits collections in the last 5 years anyway? she's not even done anything new to warrant an updated version.
  12. Yes this will be her THIRD greatest hits. What a fiasco!

    And poor louise: Redknapp Records :(
  13. I was tempted to buy her last GH when it was going for £6 everywhere, but then I realised that I'd only be buying it for three tracks (Naked, Let's Go Round Again and 2faced) so I just paid 79p each for them off iTunes in the end.
  14. Surely this isn't real. Couldn't she be arsed to record enough new songs to make an album? Or could she just not get enough songs? Another Greatest Hits is so unnecessary. Even I don't listen to any of her old hits, and I'm a fan. People know who she is and I don't think they need reminding yet again of her old work. Besides, most of it has aged pretty badly and now just sounds lame. I can only assume that the new material is a bit shit if she has to tag on her entire back catalogue. Silly girl.
  15. It could be worse. There are 8 new songs. If you include Dont Give Up & Pandoras Kiss, and any b sides we get, that is pretty much a brand new album.
  16. It's a bit Dannii isn't it?
  17. Louise has had her 14 minutes and 59 seconds of fame. Hats off to her for having some degree of 'longevity' but does she actually have any fans left who will buy this?
  18. Surely this is fake. Her message board has regular news and she is signed to merlin management, not redknapp records! She has stated herself that the music industry has changed and she doesn't really see her space in music at the present time.
  19. I think her fans would be more interested in a new album, and she has more chance of attracting new ones with a brand new project rather than this half-arsed safe option. I don't think it's real anyway, it just doesn't make sense.
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