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Louise - "Super Magic" + Greatest Hits (Jun 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dontknow, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. This is what we should have received without the Eternal padding out, which sounded out of place:

    1 Stuck in the middle with you
    2 2 faced
    3 Naked
    4 Let's go round again
    5 For your eyes only (Chic single mix)
    6 Undivided love (Single mix)
    7 Arms around the world
    8 Light of my life
    9 One kiss from heaven (Single mix)
    10 Come & get it
    11 Beautiful inside (Single mix)
    12 All that matters (Single mix)
    13 In walked love
    14 The Slightest Touch (Almighty 7" Radio Mix)
    15 Louise Greatest Hits (DMC Megamix)
  2. they maybe should have added the Japan bonus tracks to pad it out
  3. First Kiss and Egyptian Kiss, you mean? Those would have been lovely additions too.
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  4. City Boy Fix is a total bop and should have been a single.
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  5. Which is a solid Greatest Hits right there and there.
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  6. I had never heard of Five Star when I got Changing Faces back in like 2008 so I was shook something as brilliant as Slightest Touch was just chilling on her Greatest Hits.
  7. It's no Steps Version I think!
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  8. Happy 25th anniversary to Woman In Me

    I hope we can get a anniversary deluxe reissue
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  9. I do like Woman In Me but I remember feeling disappointed after the greatness that was Naked.
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  10. Yeah Woman In Me was the only Louise studio album I bought back in the day and I didn’t go back to it at all, too many MOR adult contemporary songs for me and not enough bops. I really bought it for Arms Around The World which was, and still is, my favourite Louise song.
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  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    She is God.
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  12. I actually enjoy woman in me, I still have Shut Up And Kiss Me in rotation, Healing Love is such a vibe, Trust In You wouldn't have sounded out of place on The First Wives Club sdtrk or one of those romance comedies of the time it gives me Celine Dion vibes. I really find the album version of All That Matters endearing it makes me feel nostalgic. I feel her vocal take is stronger plus its nice to hear her doing all the adlibs towards the end. Plus I'ma sucker for motown-esque so Running Back For More gets a fair amount of spins from me.

    The b-sides are definitely a treat Intimate should've been on the album

    I love the jazzy soul feel of How You Make Me Feel (This would've been an awesome Eternal track in my opinion i can hear Lou and Easther duetting this)
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  13. Love Will Bring You Back To Me is the one
  14. I can't stop listening to Not The Same. I appear to be discovering and falling in love with Heavy Love songs one at a time.
  15. Where was this!? I’m dead. I’ve never seen any Louise item around here!
  16. Really? In Greece we got everything for the first three eras, the two set CD singles, the albums etc
  17. Revolver Records.
  18. I imagined. Every couple months some UK singles pop there. I got lots of Mariah and Janet in great shape for peanuts. Some expat with good taste!

    @Vasilios I’m not sure we got any release. If so, it would make sense it was the debut since Eternal did do well here. But I’m not sure!
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  19. I think Eternal got big in Spain with the Greatest Hits no? So maybe not even the debut dd
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  20. Definitely!

    I just think they missed a trick with going a bit harder with the campaign and the material. She was arguably the most successful or, at least, recognisable solo female pop act in the UK at the time- they could have really sold her as the new British Kylie, with a dancier/ clubbier vibe. Even the album shoot was very tame.
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