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Louise - "Super Magic" + Greatest Hits (Jun 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dontknow, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Get into ittt
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  3. It's definitely giving me 80's 'Janet' vibes, which she said she wanted to do.
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  4. Very “Soul Control”, sounds promising. Give us a What’s Your Pleasure, Lou.
  5. Sounds like this could be excellent.
  6. Bop!

    Written by Alexandra Denton, Antony Whiting, Emily Philips and Louise, produced by Joshua Grant.
  7. Bopperoooo

    Alexandra is Shura
  8. Love the sound of this in all its Prince-Esque glory! Jesus, if anyone told me 10 years ago i’d be back to stanning new Louise music as hard as i did as a kid then i would have laughed in their faces! She really has won me back as a her #1 stan.

    i feel terrible that i even doubted her, but after such a long gap, expectations are low.
  9. Her Pink Noise is coming! This is very good.

  10. Wait till you hear the rest of the new material!
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  11. This is a great sound for her. And while you're waiting for the album, why not stream the acclaimed Pink Noise by award winning singer songwriter Laura Mvula?

  12. Yeah whoever on her team thought to team her up with Shura and also asked for early Janet / mid career Prince with a slice of Bruno Mars for the locals really aced their job.

    I can see Radio 2 eating this up.
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  13. This must be a bit of a dilema for Team Louise now.
    Stick with the plan of a 'Ultimate Louise' (or whatever they decide to call it) Greatest Hits album or go with 'Album 5' being an 80's Prince/Cameo/Janet/Paula Abdul inspired record because right now the idea of the latter sounds like perfection... And I really thought she could never top 'Heavy Love'
  14. Why is it not possible to listen to the preview? Is it because I’m based in the UK?
  15. I'm surprised Louise isn't on Zoe Ball Breakfast Show tomorrow morning to premiere 'Super Magic'
  16. If I were her team I would go for album 5. A greatest hits is just pointless, even if she records new versions of old hits for it.
  17. Yes, a full blown album would be much more pleasing. Unless this is just BMG's way of testing the waters and a new album won't be too far too follow. One can hope.
  18. I am anti greatest its / anti re-records (like, super not into them usually) but these (snippets that I heard) are so well done, they're like fresh songs - and it makes sense for Lou to reclaim the songs right now. And the plan is a long term one, she'll do a proper new album sooner rather than later I think.
  19. That snippet of the re-recorded Arms Around the World sounded kind of terrible to me ddd, but the fact she’s making new music at all is win after she had a 20 year break from it.
  20. It sounds like the decision is pretty set in stone if she's already rerecorded the old stuff?
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