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Louise - "Super Magic" + Greatest Hits (Jun 2)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dontknow, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Where are people hearing these re-recording snippets?
  2. Nowhere (bar I guess Arms), I had a sneak peek listen for a work related thing. It's all amazing though I promise. Light Of My Life and So Good especially are so good, goosebumps!
  3. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Super Magic is even better with multiple listens!
  4. Luc


    The new single is really great! Do we know when the new GH is coming out.. Winter/Spring 2023?
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  5. MB


    Spring 2023.
  6. Fantastic interview there in Fault magazine, she looks beautiful too.
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  7. MB


    Looks like it’ll be getting some play on TV over Christmas. Lou looks stunning and its very music video esque.
  8. Super Magic, is just made to be played on repeat!
  9. Love that advert! Did she shot a music video for the single already?
  10. New single sounds great - very mid-80's in a Janet Jackson / Five Star pastiche kind of way. Great stuff!
  11. I'm obsessed. Bop O'Clock. I have had it on repeat. I was driving home from work and the song give me vibes of Fleur East-Sax and Mollie King-Hair Down. There are so many hooks to grab your attention. If this is the output we are getting from the new tracks, then I am shook! Incredible.

    I just need to hear this live now. I swear, if another global pandemic or some catastrophic event occurs when she's on tour, then I will cause a riot.
  12. I've just seen the ad on ITV1. Great promo.
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  13. Unexpectedly great.
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  14. So, when is the preorder for the new hits collection going live?
  15. Somebody said it's out Spring '23. I'm guessing end of March to capitalise on the important Mother's Day market.
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  16. W2K


    The only criticism I have of Super Magic is that Lou could’ve gone a little harder on the adlibs at the end. But other than that, this song is solid gold.
  17. So, did she shot a music video for Super Magic? Still got the song on repeat!
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  18. Super magic music video being filmed tomorrow!!!
  19. Great news! Been ages since an Louise music video!
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