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Love City Groove

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by poptarts, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Whatever happened to Love City Groove - anyone know??
  2. They made it to an album, which is not very good and contains their Eurovision ditty with re-recorded vocals.

    I presume they were executed or something after four singles and no hits.
  3. After their Eurovision entry they went on to release 'Soft Spot' and 'Jump' and an album 'Hard Times', They then changed their name to 'Love City', changed record lables and released 'I found lovin'' - The band then went their seperate ways but some of the members did re-unite to have another stab at Eurovision and made it to the final 4 in the 'Song for europe' show - The track was The Collective 'When we're alone (we dream)' and it was actually quite good!
  4. are you sure they were The Collective? There were none of the same people in it I thought? No rappers that's for sure. I have 'Hard Times' and it's not too bad. That Jon guy was a much better singer than 'Beanz' though. And has anyone ever heard "Soft Spot"? It's so suggestive!
  5. Should have been Deuce that year anyway!

    Would have been the best UK song ever, ever, ever....
  6. So true. How different things could have been for Deuce if they'd won it too...

    Even Sox would have been better than Love City Groove. The look on Sam Fox's face when she didn't win was fucking priceless though.
  7. Why is the UK selection always so rubbish anyway?

    Maybe we should get Pete Waterman in charge!
  8. christ almighty, if the BBC wanted to get someone even more out of touch than Richard Park then Pete Waterman would be the perfect choice!

    It's needs a total overhaul and it needs to be more than one show.
  9. Yes but at least we'd get some great pop music with tunes. Who cares about being "in touch". That's what the BBC has tried for the past few years and look what dirges we end up getting!

    The BBC should celebrate the cheese not try to change it! And who does cheese best? Yes, Pete Waterman!
  10. I disagree. I think all of Pete Waterman's projects since Steps have been absolutely disastrous and totally unlistenable. He's not a songwriter himself and unfortunately his team of songwriters have lost the plot in recent years. Come on, do we really want One True Voice or Lauren Waterworth representing the UK. Even the current format is turning in better prospects than those!
  11. I agree with Scoodle. The UK preselection is rubbish- it's dealt with by people who have no idea what a good pop song is, and to put Pete Waterman in the mix wouldn't help matters.
  12. Ragestar

    Ragestar Guest

    i agree. this is no time to be "cool".
  13. it's not about being cool or not - it's about being good or not. Pete Waterman is not producing fun pop music anymore. He is producing dated nonsense. The most recent projects of his have been Pop!, Lauren Waterworth and One True Voice.

    You want any of those three representing us at Eurovision? Give me Daz Sampson or Javine ANY DAY!
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