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Love is Blind (Netflix series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by drewsky, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Love is Blind is a series where a dozen men and a dozen women are sequestered apart from each other. Their only interaction is in separate rooms where they can talk to each other to get to know the other.

    The only way to see the other person? You have to get engaged to them.

    From there, the engaged couples make it to a retreat in Mexico to see if their relationship can go from emotional to physical.

    After the trip, they have to move in together and see if their relationship can survive the real world before they get married weeks later.

    The show has literally every single reality TV dating competition trope in the book, and I *guess* can be somewhat problematic.

    Who else is watching this trashfest?
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  2. This. Show. Is. Unintentional. Gold.

    We have struck reality TV GOLD ladies and gentlemen.

    I just can't even begin. It's like a hyper Americanized Love Island on cocaine.

    Barnett also still being a f*ckboi in a literal show about marriage was low key hilarious.

    Also the proposal to Giannina... I just can't with this show. Edit: just saw part 2 of proposal. Just to be clear, I can't at the cheesiness and verboseness of Damian
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  3. The mess that the girls are on this show are, while the men are boring AF. GOLD
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  4. They found the most verbose men on the planet. I'd die if I had to spend time with them. I think Barnett and the bisexual guy bring the messiness though.
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  5. I'm obsessed with this show. I binged all 10 episodes in 2 days and now can't wait for the weddings.

    Falling in love with someone you've never seen after 5 dates and proposing to them is either craziness or desperation.

    Jessica's messy as fuck 180 after Barnett dumped her and she went running back to Mark. Barnett playing Jessica, LC and Amber against each other, Carlton's ridiculous defensiveness after coming out to Diamond. Giannina's demonic side showing as soon as they leave the pod and then basically telling Damian that he is bad in bed. Cameron being so damn pretty but so incredibly dull. Amber's cringe meet up with Barnett's family. Kelly saying that she sees her fiancé Kenny more like a brother and isn't sexually attracted to him...

    This show just keeps on giving.[spoiler/]
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  6. Yeah Jessica truly is the worst. I gasped at the end of episode 6 when
    her drunk ass told Mark she liked someone else
  7. Regarding Carlton and Diamond:

    While Diamond had the typical straight woman reaction of "but will still want to sleep with a man?" She was still very calm and her point was valid that she'd would have like to have known from the start. I don't see any problems there from her perspective even if I, as a gay man, do find that perspective a little annoying (but what's a straight person to know unless they've had tone to process it).

    However, Carltons reaction was dark and over the top. When he threw his cap - that was scary. When he started arguing as if she had dumped him, that was insanely defensive. She was clearly going to stick with him. I thought their conversation before the pool revelation was also indicative of controlling tendencies.
  8. I thought Straight Nonsense: The TV Series was Love Island until I saw an episode of this... Christ alive.
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  9. She is a mess, doesn’t want to marry younger but acts like a 17 year old.

    also I read the show was filmed in 2018!!!
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  10. Carlton gives me such anxiety to watch.

    I’m not dismissing his bisexuality but he doesn’t seem to be comfortable with his own sexuality to a toxic degree.

    Jessica is a delight to watch, it’s like she was born for a show like this.
  11. What a cringefest. Jessica's alcohol issues were funny at the beginning but then it becoes concerning.

    It's also hard to believe most of it isn't way too scripted. Some of the conversations they have towards the end didn't come up in the pods (in terms of life compatibility, salaries, expectations...)? That should be one of the first things you talk about if you are looking to commiting with someone for the rest of your life. Deep down I wish most of them are actors.
  12. One of my favourite things about this show is Giannina being self aware that she's one of the b plots, so is constantly trying to throw around dramatics at any opportunity.
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  13. Lauren is the best looking person I've seen on TV ever. She is stunning.

    I also love how dismissive she is of Damian's emotional monologues. YEAH OKAY CAN WE HAVE SEX NOW?
  14. Diamond swilling Carlton with her drink and storming off, quoting 'Don't Hurt Yourself! Her mind.
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  15. This tweet alone made me start watching this MESS:

  16. I finally made it to the last episode before the one coming out this week and that scene with Amber/Jessica at the bachelorette party took me back to a dark place in college when sorority girls would blackout drink and scream at each other in the bars
  17. All these people are awful and I’m actively hoping they will all break up before the wedding.

    Except Lauren who is a queen.
  18. Lauren is a queen in the true sense of the word. She is a lovely person and Cameron is a catch if not too mellow.

    Jessica is reality TV gold. She is very funny. Her inoffensive but offensive choice of words is hilarious ("I'm not there physically yet") as is her clear disdain for the age Gap and Mark in general. And her willingness to be messy on TV is refreshing and relatable in what seemed to be a show set up to be clean cut.
  19. Jessica is obsessed with age
  20. At first it looks like she's obsessed with how people would perceive her (which there is an element of). But later we see why she is concerned about age, it's to do with how green Mark is (saying yes to every practical question about raising children) and her own father abandoning her at Mark's age.

    Jessica is layered like an onion.
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