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Love is Blind (Netflix series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by drewsky, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Watching Jessica jump on each introduction of Mark’s family and friends, and her telling her friends as a way to confirm her “the age gap is too big” obsession only to be knocked back when literally no one has a problem with it is ridiculously entertaining TV.
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  2. Jessica is everyone's wine drunk aunt at Christmas, but all the time.
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  3. She’s.... an ogre! Hahahaha!
  4. I miss ‘Dating in the Dark’.
  5. So the last episode was predictably hilarious

    There were no surprises other than Kelly and Kenny. After the whole thing I actually think Kenny has come out of the show looking the best
  6. there’s speculation that Damian and Giannina are still together. And also that apparently Jessica wanted to leave in Mexico and the producers wouldn’t let her.
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  7. Watching the last episode, Giannini is such an interesting character - she talks like she’s reciting a script at the same time it’s scary to see the mental abuse (if you can call it that) she does to Damian
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  8. The second part doesn't surprise me. I felt like production clamped down after Carlton/Diamond and refused to let that happen again. At some point I wondered if they were both doing it just to continue getting screen time.

    Anyway, a reunion special was shot last week and will premiere next week
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  9. She is an ACTOR, I love it

    and yes, judging my the reunion pic they are still together
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  10. I'm going to miss watching Giannina and her acting like she's on a day time soap opera. Her talking to Damian from the bathroom was one thing, but I nearly lost it when she got out the chairs in the last episode.

    Also, that Ariana as Cat voice is weirdly endearing.
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  11. Gianina in episode 10 is all kinds of iconic reality TV.
  12. Cameron is some kind of mix of ASMR Video and Manspreading poured into a Sean Cody model

    In fact Mark, Kenny and Cameron in Mexico would have made a good porno

    Messica is good TV
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  13. Would also like a spin-off featuring all the mums
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  14. This is the best thing I've watched in ages! I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started the first episode, but oh boy WHAT A RIDE! It's literally Reality TV gold! The messiness of the girls, the dullness of the boys, the sexiness of Cameron!!! I need them to film several spin-offs with this cast, their moms and get a second season out ASAP!

    Also Lauren and Cameron are everything and I hope that they end up having kids, living in his big and bland house and being as perfect and happy as ever!
  15. Jessica was.. alot!
  16. Started this on Friday and I'm obsessed.

    Lauren telling Cameron she loved him on day 4 and his tearful affirmative response sent me

    Carlton twirling from Real Housewives of Atlanta onto Netflix is a serve:

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  17. Gianina and Jessica getting so much press and rightly so. The first Queens if Netflix Reality TV.

    This video is nearly entirely them:
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  18. This show is legendary!

    Giannina provides me with toe curling acting and the shit that comes out of her mouth!
    When she told Damien she had never said it back I was like WOAHHHHH !!

    Jessica clearly couldn’t bare Mark from the minute she saw him, the way she was so clearllyyyyyy in love with Barnett was iconic.

    Also nobody has mentioned Gianninas slip in the last episode.
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  19. One thing that this show has further broke the mould with (Love Island has aswell) is that straight men are just as emotional, sappy and psychotic. Women are equally strong willed, f*ckboyish and controlling as men.

    I hate the stereotype about women out there. Ive sat through many a straight men in tears about unrequited love.

    The media makes out that women are overly emotional and weak or are serial killers.
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  20. The men in this being such absolute saps was kind of a turn off for me? Is that wrong? Am I perpetuating stereotypes? The sheer neediness though.
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