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Love is Blind (Netflix series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by drewsky, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. This was iconic. And Carlton talking about her wig... mess.
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  2. Has anyone seen the reunion yet?
  3. Yes!
    Obviously not as good as the rest of the season, but some good moments. Jessica was really well put together in my opinion and acknowledged her mistakes and misbehavior and apologized to Mark and Amber. Amber was as obnoxious as ever. Her and Barnett are still together. Kenny is in a relationship. Kelly, Jessica, Mark, Carlton and Diamond are all single. Giannina and Damian are back together and happy (also this was the most mellow G we’ve yet to see) and Lauren and Cameron keep winning. They made me cry yet again...
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  4. I can't believe Gianina didn't create some kind of dramatic moment for her gays. And she's stopped speaking like she's reading cue cards from a badly scripted telenovela. Kind of disappointed.
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  5. I agree. Her vocal fry seems to has disappeared just as Jessica‘s baby voice.
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  6. Just watching the reunion... is Nick and Vanessa really needed. Who is Vanessa, why is she shouting and since when did Nick host shows?! Also why does the show need a host. So many questions.
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  7. How has Amber become slightly more likeable from nothing other than a blonde hair dye job?
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  8. Cameron’s bulge, though!
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  9. He is straight up porn
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  10. This show was so entertaining.

    I'm absolutely obsessed with Lauren, she's so gorgeous and one of the best things to ever come out of a reality show.
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  11. I have a feeling that Amber is someone who has crazy mannerisms and appears crazy on the outside but is actually very normal on the inside.
  12. I’m just at episode 4 so the mess that I’ve seen is just Barnett and the trash that’s Carlton. I relayed it to my friends and they quickly told me to wait until “Messica” shows up. I’m gagged!!
  13. I wouldn't be shocked if Netflix approaches the couples that survived for some type of series that follows their current lives. This show has been their first truly massive win when it comes to reality TV.
  14. I wouldn't mind seeing more of Cameron
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  15. Cameron and Lauren are such a hot couple! I wouldn’t mind seeing a reality show with just them. Lauren would be the focus obviously.
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  16. This was ridiculous, backwards, overlong and overwrought - and of course could never work in the UK with our cynicism - but I HAD to finish it.

    Gianina being an ACTRESS is a hill I will die on. That was some monologueing. Her wedding drama was PURE Melancholia by Lars Von Trier too. I was living.

    Messica was of course the character of the season. Wow.

    IF the producers had (felt able to) lean into the tongue-in-cheek elements more, It would have made for more compelling TV, certainly at the start, and given that we never see anyone chat about much other 'I'm feeling so x right now...', which I know is standard US Reality TV narration, but the snatches we got of their real lives were far more interesting.

    Can there be a season 2? It's a killer platform for 15-minutes-of-fame seekers given its success, but the applications will be from those kinds of people only.
  17. RJF


    I've watched everything apart from the reunion and the way it just threw every single relationship reality show trope into a blender then accelerated it all was gripping. The way anyone who didn't get married instantly got dumped off (you can guarantee everyone will be walking away with a ring next season), Diamond quoting "Don't Hurt Yourself", Giannina and Jessica being the kind of material that has producers popping champagne bottles two seconds after screen tests. Damien's ridiculous proposal. The way Cameron couldn't be in shot without having his hand on Lauren at all times. The cheap ass, borderline-royalty-free, had-me-checking-if-it-was-commissioned-especially-for-the-show soundtrack.

    All I could keep thinking of was how they could ramp shit up even further in Season 2. The pod system is ripe for fuckery. Two people going into the same pod and one of them staying silent to get the truth out of someone who has been courting both of them. Deliberate voice disguising. Straight lies about appearance. When next season inevitably has people who aren't either as able bodied or as conventionally attractive as the entire cast of this first season was (was there a straight up uggo... anywhere?).

    I'm hooked and I hate myself.
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  18. This aspect gave me food for thought. A different show, maybe a few years ago, would have cast a wider range of body types, personalities, backgrounds - BUT probably also exploited those same people for drama, shock, etc. It made me somewhat everybody on this season was essentially a generic level of attractiveness at least. I kept thinking of whatever that show was years ago where the Bachelorette-style finale culminated in the woman all these guys were fighting over revealed herself to be trans. Those guys SUED the show/channel for...I don't even know what. Gross nonetheless. And how she felt about being treated like a party trick is anyone's guess really.

    Not casting outwith a set standard avoids this possible awful kinda stuff happening, but I think there IS a way to do it with a genuinely diverse cast. The way one person's bisexuality was handled (by themselves, really) isn't giving me a good feeling about the show's capacity to be nuanced.


    I do think Damien and Gigi off-camera realised they wanted to keep dating but marriage was way too soon, so decided to just...make good TV with that wedding. I'm still thinking about her ESCAPE. Her mother crying and needing consoling. The twigs in the dress. Her SLAMMING the chair down for Damien and then PUMPING around the wedding space like it was the stage at The Globe. A star.

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  19. Icons Gianina and Jessica will become more famous than Trump with everyone at home watching Netflix now.
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