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Love is Blind (Netflix series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by drewsky, Feb 22, 2020.

  1. Honestly could you imagine how boring this season would have been if only 1-2 couples ended up getting engaged? We need a gay season with tops and bottoms next for maximum mess
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  2. But Kenny became the journal writing hero we all need
  3. Messica is so iconic but my god, she’s so easy to hate. We love to see it.
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  4. Yeah I'm gonna need Channel 5 to make a low budget British equivalent.
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  5. I'm watching this now, and it's so messy I love it.

    Apparently I have toxic taste in men since Barnett could get it.
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  6. On episode 5 now, and how can Mark not see that Jessica is practically repulsed by him? He's gushing that they're basically one mind, and she's like maybe some day I might be attracted to him.
  7. Mark is Blind
  8. This was such compelling and addictive viewing. From the proposals after mere days of chatting, to Messica, to all things Gianina, I just couldn’t believe what I was watching. Everyone I told that I was watching this said to me “please let me know what you think, I want to relive it with you” or something to that effect.

    I love that many of you in here clocked Gianina’s actress tendencies as most people I’ve spoken to have said she was just really extra and that’s all.

    Lauren is literally the most perfect person! I can’t stop staring at her, and she just seems so nice too.

    One of my season highlights was Amber crying and rambling drunkenly outside at her bachelorette party then saying “I’m also really drunk”

    The guys were really dull but very attractive. The girls thankfully brought all the drama.
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  9. How is Cameron not a Sean Cody model already???
  10. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I wish I could get over my narc vibes with Cameron. They're perfect otherwise
  11. He's not a hairless twink so he wouldn't fit in there anyway. Lucas Entertainment would put all that meat to much better use sksksks
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  12. I'd prefer TimTales but let's not get too off topic...
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  13. I love mess that's why I started watching this based on the comments on this thread here but I can't get past how fucking CRINGE ALL OF THEM ARE?



    I just wanna crawl into a hole. And if one of them mentions the name BARNETT again i will flip - he's getting so MUCH fucking airtime and it's only Episode 2. And the ladies giving him numerous pass with all the remarks he made, girls, you can do better.

    I guess my question is now, do I continue on? Cause I haven't seen Too Hot To Handle and I'm ready to ditch this mess and see if I prefer that one more.
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  14. This is FAR more entertaining than Too Hot To Handle. The cringe never disappears but just learn to embrace mi Reina Giannina and you'll be set.
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