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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Anybody else watching?

    Last year's series was great and produced some unreal talent!!! This year is looking like it will take a lot to match it.
  2. The lack of replies compared to BB...

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  3. I love this so much, last year was unreal and I think they'll put just as much effort into making this as good!
  4. How is this thread so quiet? I feel like this show is having a strangely cultural moment - it's the first thing since Game of Thrones that everyone is talking about at work.

    I mean it's definitely because everyone is wondering what someone like Camilla is doing putting herself through the rest of those idiots.
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  5. Every straight person I know is obsessed with this.
  6. I honestly have no interest watching straights babble about getting dick.
  7. This show is basically the hetero normative drag race in terms of popularity. I casually watched it when my flatmates watched earlier in the series but beyond Camilla being an icon who is too good for the premise of the show there wasn't a lot to keep my attention.

    Appart from the fun of watching all the Instagram fitness models and influencers smoking and drinking in ways you never see on their spon and ad friendly social media presences.
  8. I've never felt compelled to watch it. I don't watch Big Brother for the love stories, I watch it for the huge characters and the messy drama. I know Love Island probably has it's fair share of drama, but probably not to the scale of Big Brother.
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  9. This is absolutely decimating Big Brother in ratings. Straight people are so weird.
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  10. This show is iconic!
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  11. I never got this show and it's meat market approach to sex/relationships. For something that is rooted in sex, it's so straight laced and boring to watch. The "drama" isn't even juicy. "Like, omg, am I gonna look muggy babe?" "Hun I'm not being funny but I won't even get aggy over him". Who can even watch this?! Far too hetereosexual for my gay ass.
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  12. I think the central problem is that... the personalities are horrifically dull. The show is only interesting when it creates artificial situations or drama.

    The parts of the episodes where it's just a few people talking around the pool or the sofas... flay me alive if I ever have to suffer such mundane discussion.
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  13. On paper, it's 100% not my type.

    But here we are.
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  14. Love Island is exactly what Big Brother used to be before familiarity and format changes turned it into a parody i.e. the headline snatching, reality star making, young demographic snatching 'must see' TV. I reckon it could easily be as big as I'm A Celebrity if ITV snatched it for their main channel.
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  15. My friends had this on all weekend and against the odds, I'm hooked. God help me but I find them all adorable...and of course mind blowingly attractive. It's suprisingly sincere, heart warming and touching.
  16. The Big Brother thread when they notice this thread's existence

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  17. Okay I know I shouldn't buy into this heteronormative shit, but I cannot wait for this postcard dropping into the Villa tonight.
    Also, Montana and Camilla need to couple up and win this already.
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  18. Me charging into this thread to drag this show.

    On come on... the contestants from last year are regular side bar of shame fixtures, typical Instagram famous sponsor-posting melts. It's reality star TV making at its lowest form! As for the BB comparisons, BB was never just about showmances. It has/had far more layers even in its most bare bones series.

    God I sound so bitter over the viewing figures don't I.
  19. I'm a Big Brother viewer but it is not anywhere near as powerful or potent as it used to be, something you well know. When a housemates talks about 'the millions of viewers' watching them, you can't help but laugh. When someone mentions their Instagram followers, you remember when evictees had press conferences and made a small fortune from being in the Big Brother house. That's a Love Island contestant now. It has more social media power and greater impact in the press. And bigger ratings. It isn't on a main channel like Big Brother and yet more people tune in to watch it. Love Island is a definite hit.
  20. I watch a lot of trash, I once watched 42 episodes of Vanderpump rules in one sitting... But MY GOD! it feels like my IQ and brain turns to mush after watching 10 minutes of this.
    How can 1 episode feel like it goes on for 3 hours?
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