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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. So happy Ovie is through. I have no opinion on Anton and Belle, but I was hoping Curtis would go tonight. He doesn’t deserve the final.

    Would love an upset of Greg and Amber winning, they probably have the best shot against Tommy and Molly.
  2. Voted for Amber (& Greg).
  3. I came back around to Anton by the end, but I think the final has the best characters left standing which is great to see. Curtis and Maura gave way too much to the show to not make the final. Ideally Anna would be there too but her exit was a pretty major triumph its own way ddd.

    I hope Amber and Greg can take it now. I wish Ovie was with someone who provided us with more entertainment and seemed a little more genuine so I could root for him more.
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  4. Amber is the most deserving winner - that’s for sure. I’ve seen a lot of criticism on social media recently about Molly being fake, so hopefully the tide is turning on her & Tommy.
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  5. Also Twitter riding so hard for Amber and Greg, and the lack of enthusiasm on there for Tommy and Molly-Mae has me optimistic for tomorrow night?
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  6. The fiat 500 lot will be out in force though, and I’ll bet they don’t use Twitter!
  7. Same! Don’t want to get my hopes up but way more posts for Greg and Amber right now.
  8. Can't believe Molly Mae is hated by her own mother.
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  9. Okay, but Chris looks good on Aftersun.
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  10. Yeah, Twitter is alive with Amber and Greg love.
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  11. Greg being the very last person to enter the villa and winning would be hysterical.
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  12. My internet connection is acting up tonight. It better not stop me witnessing another Jordan scalping from Anna on Aftersun!
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  13. The panel tonight is hilarious. Methinks they've had a couple drinks (especially Ms. Atack nn). Shoutout to Maya Jama slating the entirety of Curtis and Maura's relationship, before moving on Mollie-Mae's non-crying antics. Iconic.
  14. I hope Caroline scalps Jordan.
  15. Clearly Jordan didn't have enough of the skull dragging Anna gave him a few days earlier nn.
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  16. Not how Anna and Jordan are still arguing ddd
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  17. Anna and Jordan are gonna shag tonight, I can tell.
  18. This was my issue earlier in the series (this is the first year I've watched), but her whole presence on the show seems a bit pointless. Either have her there all the time, or just do everything by text. Especially as none of the exit interviews happen on the main show (like Big Brother for example).
    Like I said before it's easy money for her, but it's a glaring inconsistency.
  19. Anna said "lemme make this clear" and laid out solid facts fff we have to stan.
  20. Even on the mini camera whilst they show the highlights they're still arguing ddd
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