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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. “I hope we can still be friends.”
  2. I love how Maya articulated things. She just shouted “Loved it!” at Belle for shouting at Anton.
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  3. I think someone gave Emily Atack a glass of water and told her to calm down for the end there nn
  4. Dont be not everyone who votes is on social media

    Also on Instagram Mollie has the most followers etc and the Instagram would be more of an accurate representation of how many votes people are getting and Tommy and Mollie seem to be getting the most support there
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  5. I voted Amber + Greg.

    Showing taste as per.
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  6. I mean, look at that difference:
  7. I don't understand why people like this don't use the POLL option.
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  8. Oh these things are always fixed because users are far more likely to click 'like' for something rather than 'retweet'. So the Tweeter puts the one they want to win with the 'like' option. If they did the poll, then you would get far more accurate results.
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  9. I voted for King Ovie (and India)
  10. They actually did do a poll after because so many people complained it wasn’t accurate. Amber and Greg won 77% to 23%.
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  11. Amber & Greg are now the favourite to win - deserved!
  12. By a tiny amount, also I dont think bookies realize that only the UK can vote
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  13. I can't believe the locals voted for another day of... that.
  14. fff I feel like I'm watching some heterosexual-inflicted Drag Race Challenge.
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  15. Just you wait until Curtis is hosting the Drag Race UK dance challenge.
  16. Greg about Curtis’ dancing: “He can really move for a big fella” SCREAM
  17. Greg's "Man can he move for a big fella" almost finished me off.
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  18. Why do the models from the I Saw It First advert look like sims?
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  19. Molly-Mae’s face when she doesn’t win will be a picture.
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  20. Caroline serving us one final look before the series ends. Queen.
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