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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. If you’re interested

  2. I’ve been watching it at US pace and I am really enjoying it.

    I think they’ve done great with the casting this season!
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  3. I watched just the first hour and it was watchable but then I got bored/tired. I assume they tested everyone for COVID before going in? They didn't really say...
  4. I imagine it would have been something similar to Big Brother (which is also on CBS) where they were quarantined and tested regularly for 2 weeks prior and they probably had people waiting on standby as replacements incase anyone tested positive? I guess the whole production crew must have quarantined as well because they're always wandering around the villa too.

    I wonder what Arielle is doing seeing as she's coming in and out in close contact with them?
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  5. Anyone watching the USA version? I’m actually enjoying it so far !
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  6. I am, even though I hated Season 1. And I wasn’t terribly invested in this season either...until the Casa Amor twist, and now I’m fully on board!
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  7. Connor and Carrington. Yas.
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  8. I’ve been watching ahead so I won’t spoil too much . Mackenzie is a whole ass tragic mess . Justine and Cely are my favourites !
  9. Noah looks really familiar, but I can't seem to place him and figure out where I've seen him before.
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  10. Well.
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  11. This is my favourite forum plot twist.
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  12. Justin and Caleb have this in the bag surely . I don’t see anyone else taking it from them unless one of them messes it up . I love Cely but Johnny ruined her chances .
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  13. We Love To See It deserved winners !

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  14. Good for Yewande, Lucie seems to be just an awful person, who needs a reality check
  15. Yewande isn't even a hard name to say! Surely if you're in a house with someone and hear their name multiple times a day, you would work out how it's said!
  16. THIS IS BACK THIS MONTH (June 28th). How is this thread so quiet?

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  17. It feels like a lifetime since we had a new series of Love Island. I’m perched!

    I hope they can deliver another iconic summer series after the fatigue had truly set in with the last winter one, hardly any drama or interesting characters meant it wasn’t really must-see television.

    Can we just have Maura back every year, please?
  18. It will be interesting to see how this does. As things are opening up so I'm intrigued.
  19. For me, this will make it really feel like summer (and also that we are almost through the worst of this horrid pandemic). It's trash TV but trash at it's best.
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